Expropriated by Israelis, Moroccans compare their fate to that of Palestinians

Expropriated by Israelis, Moroccans compare their fate to that of Palestinians

In these tragic hours in Gaza, the normalization of relations with the bloodthirsty Israeli apartheid state is no longer simply unthinkable, even shameful, it is downright repulsive.

In the kingdom of Atlas, whose monarch, entrenched in his ivory tower, opposes sovereign contempt to the popular discontent which has never ceased to swell against this unworthy rapprochement, dangerous connections with Israel will not be long in coming. to produce their toxic effects… To the detriment of the subjects of Mohammed VI, it goes without saying.

This is how many Moroccans had the very unpleasant surprise of being ordered to release their property real estate and land for the benefit of Israelis who claim to be the legal owners. But is such an evil sleight of hand, dispossessing them of everything in a flash, possible?

Because of the normalization agreements signed in 2020, the magic of which, as we will have understood, only works exclusively for Moroccan Jews who emigrated to Israel after 1948… Agreements which opened an unexpected legal breach for them, in which the latter or their descendants rushed to return to Morocco and claim “their property”.

Injured and despoiled by a normalization of Israeli-Moroccan relations that is odious in every way, the Moroccans, who are suffering it head-on, have only their eyes left to cry, since they are not entitled to any recourse. From there to comparing their iniquitous fate to the appalling one inflicted by Israel on the Palestinians for 75 years, there is only one step that many rightly take.

They may have organized sit-ins, large public gatherings to proclaim their indignation, and knocked on every door, but nothing has happened. The king remained deaf to their cries of anger, of despair, to their pleas.

Perhaps he will finally prick up his ears when he hears their analogy with the dispossession of Palestinian land and the continuing Nakba. A comparison which spreads throughout the country, amplifies with each demonstration, and to which the essential Tiktok platform offers a formidable sounding board.

As reported by the TSA website: “The gathering is taking place in Tangier in northern Morocco, a region where many cases have been reported. Given the number of protesters present, it seems that the phenomenon has taken on a large scale. “ What have the Israelis done to the Palestinians? They took them out of their lands and their homes. We too are going through the same thing. », indignant one demonstrator.

Recently, an influencer on TikTok pointed out where the problem lies: could this be the compensation that Moroccans must pay to obtain Western Sahara? Recall that by virtue ofnormalization agreements signed in 2020, under the aegis of Trump, Morocco established diplomatic relations with Israel in return for the recognition by the United States of Moroccan sovereignty » on Western Sahara.


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