Faced with technicist and nihilistic modernity

Faced with technicist and nihilistic modernity

Following the succession of ideologies that have been rationalism, materialist humanism, evolutionism, existentialism, nihilism, structuralism, and now post-humanism, we can say that in the quest for self, modern men have failed. The impasse, we all feel it, it creeps into the smallest corners of our lives; the philosophical, religious, moral, political, social and economic impasse. There is indeed a continual degradation of man who is about to enter the infrahuman.

The “reign of quantity” is the foundation of the society of automatism and strategic calculation. This is why we can no longer overlook a metaphysics of timeless and ahistorical principles. Without this metaphysics which is the reign of the Spirit, the moving time will never stop carrying men from one mirage to another. A metaphysics necessarily leads to a morality which must embody the doctrine of the True.

If we attach ourselves to the singular situation of the Muslim communities, we must have all the lucidity in order to understand why part of their youth cultivates a death drive which is a fundamental denial of the moral values ​​of Islam. Truth does not impose itself otherwise it would no longer be truth.

It is a metaphysical principle shared by all ancestral religions. What is essential, on the other hand, and this throughout history, are indeed the “communities of view” or rather a representation of a discourse recognized as revealed. Representation is the true idol that religions have not ceased to fight since their beginning.

According to the famous statement of the Prophet, there must arise a generation which will break with the authentic heritage of Islam. This generation will thus have only one representation of Islam since it will be in the denial of perennial knowledge, constituting the common heritage of a community of destiny. We see in this prophetic statement, all those who are part of the “counter-tradition”, that is to say those individuals having the clothing of Islam (Talbisse) but to better scuttle it from interior. And we dare to affirm that modernity and these young people with the instinct of death share the same horizon: nihilism. They are two sides of the same coin.

“Nihilistic modernity” denies spiritual reality, like this death-instinct youth hating the spiritual dimension of Islam. This modernity denies the ability to think (for everyone) in order to reduce man to a compulsive consumer, like the young man who wears clothing that he perceives as “traditional”, while he wears “Nikes”. » ; the latter has the behavior of a compulsive consumer and denies himself the ability to think, which prevents him from seeing his own contradictions.

“Technical modernity” denies man his humanity, and this compulsive young man with the instinct of death hates man to the point of hating humanity in all its diversity which he wants to destroy. “Selfish modernity” is based on resentment like the deadly ideology to which this young Salafo-Whahhabi adheres.

“Individualist modernity” atomizes society so that men, like atoms, no longer distinguish themselves from each other like our young man with the death drive, rejecting the interpretative divergence of texts by reducing the letter to an impoverishing linearity by denuding it of the Spirit who nourishes it.

From what we have just exposed, we can make a more precise reading of our future as Muslims in a modern context. Indeed, we have entered the era of the “misbelief” of which it will be appropriate in the near future to make a more detailed psychological sketch. We are faced with a generation of French Muslims structured by “misbelief” and who is therefore the opposite of the “testimonial man” as wanted and described in the Koran (sura 17 gives the definition).

This symptom is caused by historical amnesia, spiritual illiteracy and the denial of both metaphysics and morality. There is no more left for the “disbeliever” than a distorted representation of Islam that he instantly brings out of himself, from a sick psychology. The disease comes from this culture of a mind with instantaneous surges without any further metaphysical and moral filiation.

Our fellow citizens must understand that what currently structures the Muslim man is the “misbelief” with all the evils that flow from it: a resentment due to the malaise generated by this imbalance, and a distortion of otherness which is seen as a formidable inverted mirror. By this very fact, the other appears to me as unbearable since, no longer being able to welcome difference harmoniously, otherness must become a difference.Tonce to never come to me again.

Strangely, modernity and this “misbelief” have the same causes and the same symptoms: these two nihilistic horizons erase the human asperities seeking to challenge the timeless part of man to abandon him to his moment which repeats itself and thus stripping him of his past and his metaphysical destiny . A part of our youth of Muslim culture, in our suburbs, is actually worked and structured by the “misbelief” potentially nihilistic, a generation Z as zero future and zero hope.