For a just and lasting peace, we refuse the criminalization of support for the Palestinian people

For a just and lasting peace, we refuse the criminalization of support for the Palestinian people

The horror struck on October 7 and since then, Palestine and Israel have been sinking deeper into it every day. Massive killings of civilians carried out by Hamas, from the massacre in Reim to the mass graves of the Kibbutz of Be’eri and Kfar Aza, war crimes by the State of Israel against the population of the Gaza Strip and murderous atrocities by settlers in the West Bank : Palestine and Israel are the scene of unspeakable atrocities. And plunged into darkness, the catastrophe has already begun in Gaza, threatened with a ground intervention by the Israeli army and promised death and desolation.

Every life counts, that of a child in Gaza as well as that of a child in Sderot, and we want to express our deep compassion towards all the civilian victims and their families.

This is why we refuse the double standards that are expressed today on this subject in France, from the highest level of the State. A double standard that silences any speech that would like to express solidarity with the Palestinian people, that would even worry about their current fate, that tends to criminalize any support for the defense of their democratic rights.

We speak out against the accusations and slanders which today target any political thought which is not aligned with that of those in power, in particular towards France Insoumise and the NPA. Elected officials and political leaders of these organizations are publicly accused, even threatened.

Even if we may not share the expressions of these organizations, even if they can be questioned or even criticized, no conflation can be made with any “apology of terrorism” or the slightest complacency with the anti-Semitism that they always have. denounced. Both France Insoumise and the NPA have clearly expressed their horror of all the massacres and all the war crimes.

In this context, we strongly demand that the investigations for “apology of terrorism” against the NPA and various associations or collectives organizing solidarity with Palestine be abandoned, investigations requested by Gérald Darmanin on the basis of article 40 of the Code of penal procedure.

With the same vigor, we demand an end to the bans on demonstrations or public meetings in solidarity with the population of Gaza. Such demonstrations have been held for several days across Europe and around the world, and France is one of the few countries to ban them. The attack on democratic rights and freedoms is obvious. It is serious, profoundly illegitimate, dramatically irresponsible.

The public debate must urgently return to reason. Support for a just and lasting peace is not compatible with the worrying authoritarian turn taken in France. It is high time to take action.

Signatories :

Gilbert Achcaracademic – Abd-El-Kader Aït-Mohamedactivist for working-class neighborhoods and immigration – Sabrina Ali Benalidoctor – Isabelle Alonsoactress, writer – Joseph Andraswriter – Charlotte Andrieutrade unionist FSU 31 – Aurélie Andryhistorian – Geneviève Azameconomist – Daniel Bachetsociologist – Etienne Balibarphilosopher – Ludivine Bantignyhistorian – Jean-François Bayartprofessor at IHEID, Geneva – Mohamed Ben Saadaactivist from working-class neighborhoods – Christian Benedettiactor, director – Richard Beningerassociation manager – Alain Berthoanthropologist – Arno Bertinawriter – Manu BichindaritzNPA – Laurent Binetwriter – Aurore Birba Bachetcivil servant – Simone Bittonfilmmaker – Pascal Boisselactivist Union of Psychiatry (USP) – Patrick Boitetjournalist – Matthew Bonzomacademic – Claude CalameDirector of Studies at EHESS, Paris – Celine Cantatsociologist – Vanessa Caruhistorian – François Chaignauddancer, choreographer – Patrick Chamoiseauwriter – Lou Chesnéspokesperson for Attac France – Deborah Cohenhistorian – Sonia Combehistorian – Marie-Agnès Combesqueauthor – Annick Coupeanti-globalization activist – Pierre Cours Saliessociologist – Thomas Coutroteconomist – Alexis Cukierphilosopher – Sylvain Cypeljournalist (Orient XXI) – Olivier Cyranessayist – Olivier Da Lagejournalist – Nicholas Da Silvalecturer in economic sciences at the University of Paris 13 – Guillaume Davrancheactivist of the Libertarian Communist Union (UCL) – Sonia Dayan-Herzbrunsociologist – Sophie de la Rochefoucauldactress – Christian DelarueNational Advisor of the MRAP delegated to alter-globalization, Attac – Dominique Devalssinger and actress · Bernard Dreano, president of the Center for International Solidarity Studies and Initiatives (CEDETIM) – Vincent Drezetspokesperson for Attac – David Dufresnewriter, journalist and director – Cedric Durandeconomist – Simon Duteilco-secretary of the Solidaires trade union – Ivar Ekelandpresident of the Academic Association for Respect for International Law in Palestine (AURDIP) – Annie Ernauxwriter, Nobel Prize for Literature – Jean-Baptiste Eyraudspokesperson for the Right to Housing (DAL) – Patrick FarbiazFor a popular and social ecology (Peps) – Nina Fauredirector – Sébastien Fontenellejournalist and essayist – Geneviève Fraissephilosopher – Bernard Frederickjournalist – Bernard Friotsociologist and economist – Bruno Gacciocomedian – Fanny Gallothistorian, feminist – Patrice Garesioco-president of Survival – Isabelle Garophilosopher – Franck Gaudichaudhistorian – Jean-Luc Gauterolecturer in philosophy of science – Susan Georgepolitical scientist, writer and founder of Attac – Jean Gersinretired, active CGT activist – Sylvie glissantpsychoanalyst – Camille Gourdeauco-president of Fasti – Alain Greshjournalist – Murielle Guilbertco-secretary of the Solidaires trade union – Kaoutar Harchisociologist and writer – Marie-Claude Herboux, spokesperson for ENSEMBLE! – Cedric Herrouactivist for solidarity with migrants – Irenefeminist activist, author – Pierre Jacquemainjournalist – Francois Jarrigehistorian – Samy Johsuaprofessor emeritus University of Aix-Marseille – Anne Jollethistorian – Robert Joumardformer research director emeritus, Gustave Eiffel University – Aïssa Kadriacademic – Razmig Keucheyansociologist – Pierre Khalfaeconomist, Copernic Foundation – Marianne Khalili Romeocinema programmer – Aurore Koechlinsociologist, feminist – Hubert Krivinephysicist – Stathis Kouvelakisphilosopher – Thierry Labicaacademic – Mornia Labssiunion activist and anti-racist, elbow to elbow – Julien Larenaacademic – Mathilde Larrèrehistorian – Sylvie Larueteacher – Yvan Le Bolloc’hartist – Olivier Le Cour GrandmaisonAcademic – Serge Le QuéauRepresentative of the Solidaires trade union at the CESE – Geneviève LegayYellow Vest and alter-globalization – Pierre Lemaitrewriter, Goncourt prize – Benjamin LemoineCNRS researcher – Laurent LevyJean-Marc Lévy-Leblondphysicist – Serge Lopezactor – Frédéric Lordonphilosopher and economist – Michael Lowysociologist – Sandra Lucbertwriter – Lumivideographer – Fanny Madelinehistorian – Tal Madestajournalist, author – Jean MalifaudSnesup-FSU trade unionist – Jean-Claude Mamet, TOGETHER ! – Gilles Manceronhistorian – Fabien Marcotmember of the Rejoisons-nous animation collective – Fernanda Marruchellicoordinator of Fasti – Roger Martellihistorian – Gilles Martinetgeographer – Gustave Massiaheconomist – Xavier Mathieuactor · Margaret Méchin, Attac Democracy commission · Caroline Mecarylawyer – Daniel Mermet, journalist – Gérard Mordillatnovelist, poet and filmmaker – Corinne Morel-Darleuxwriter – Annliese Nefhistorian – Annie Ohayon Dekelproducer – André Pacojournalist – Ugo Palhetasociologist – Stefano Palombarinieconomist – Benjamin Patinaudessayist – Willy Pelletiersociologist – Jean-François Pellissier, spokesperson for ENSEMBLE! – Evelyne Perrineconomist, member of the Human Rights League – Alice Picardspokesperson for Attac – Nadine PicaudouProfessor Emeritus of the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne – Régis Portalezengineer – Christine PoupinNPA – Hugo Prevostspokesperson for the Student Union (UE) · Olivier Rabourdinactor – Candice Raymondhistorian – Fabrice Riceputihistorian – Gilles Ringenbachformer private sector executive – Laurent Riparthistorian – Daniel Romeanti-globalization activist, Cerises la Coopérative – Théo Roumiertrade unionist – Liliane Rovereactress · Alain Rusciohistorian – Pauline SalingueNPA – Catherine Samaryeconomist, specialist in the Balkans – Éléonore Schmittspokesperson for the Student Union (UE) –Sarra Sebaouidoctoral student in sociology – Paola SeddaUniversity of Lille – Jerome Segalhistorian – Claude Serfatieconomist, member of the Attac Scientific Council – Leila Shahidformer general delegate of Palestine in France – Michele SibonyFrench Jewish Union for Peace (UJFP) – Omar Slaoutimunicipal councilor in Argenteuil – Anthony Smithunion official at the Ministry of Labor – Fred Socharddesigner – Pierre Stambulspokesperson for the French Jewish Union for Peace (UJFP) – Alessandro Stellahistorian – Barbara Stieglerphilosopher – Didier Supercomedian – Jacques Testartbiologist – Julien Théryhistorian – Louis-Georges Tinlecturer in Modern Literature – Sylvie Tissotsociologist – Jean-Michel Toulouse, former public hospital director · Eric Toussaintspokesperson for the international CADTM – Enzo Traversohistorian, Tsedek!, decolonial Jewish collective – Usulvideographer – Jean-Philippe Uzanastrophysicist – Patrick Vassaloretirement · Dominique Vidaljournalist and historian – Gisèle Viennechoreographer and visual artist – Antoine Vigotinternational sector of the FSU – Elise Voguet, historian – Eric Vuillardwriter – Abdourahman Waberiwriter – Francis WurtzHonorary Member of the European Parliament – Youlie Yamamotospokesperson for Attac France · Sophie Zafaritrade unionist · Pierre ZarkaCerises la cooperative, former director of L’Humanité