French people are engaged in the Israeli army which commits war crimes in Gaza

The presence of French citizens and dual nationals (Franco-Israeli) in the Israeli army of occupation has been a proven reality for many years. Today, the number of soldiers of French nationality mobilized on the front in Gaza is estimated at 4,185, according to a survey carried out by Europe 1 in Israel. After that of the United States, this is the second contingent of foreign soldiers operating in the Israeli army.

One of these young soldiers testifies on the microphone of Europe 1: “I really wanted to take action, even if I am not an Israeli, and I had never been to Israel… Our objective, for moment, is to face Hamas, and we will do what we have to do when we have to do it and we will do it as it is necessary…” Since October 7, testimonies like this one coming from French citizens ready to do anything done on the front in Gaza are numerous in all the media. Does this surprise you, does this outrage you? At the AFPS, this revolts us too!

Remember that for French men and women, there are two ways to serve in the Israeli army:

Those who emigrated to Israel, as Jews, – thereby obtaining Israeli nationality, while retaining their French nationality – must complete compulsory military service for a period of 3 years for boys and girls. two years for girls. These are the dual nationals.

- French men and women residing in France – whether or not they recognize themselves as Jewish – can enlist in the Israeli army as volunteers, while not residing in Israel and not having nationality. Israeli.

Let us also remember that the Israeli army devotes significant resources to recruiting volunteers from all over the world. In France this involves, among other things, the organization of internships and summer camps in Israel with immersion in the army. These courses offered to young people, including minors aged 16, are organized by associations based in France which, at the same time, appeal for donations to the occupying army. This is, among others, the case of the Moreshet association based in Paris.

At a time when the Israeli army is engaged in an ongoing genocide in Gaza, the presence of many French men and women in this army is revolting. The France Palestine Solidarity Association wishes to denounce it and demand that it be put an end to. The AFPS also demands that people of French nationality (including dual nationals) involved in war crimes be brought before French justice.

The question also arises for settlers of French nationality. Colonization being a war crime, France should question the responsibility of its nationals in this war crime. The violence of the settlers against the Palestinian population is a fact of public knowledge; if it turns out that French people took part in their abuses, they must be held accountable.

The National Office
December 15, 2023