Gaza: left-wing and Islamic parties massively support the Palestinians

Gaza: left-wing and Islamic parties massively support the Palestinians

Article from the Moroccan site Yabiladi (…)

The Justice and Charity Association (Al Adl wal Ihsane) described the Palestinian operation as an “unprecedented historic victory,” which dispelled the illusion of “the invincible army of the Zionist entity.” “This epic constitutes a decisive turning point in the performance of the resistance offensive,” welcomed the Jamâa, adding in a press release that “the battle demonstrated, by all the tangible evidence, that the option of resistance was the one and only option for the liberation of the land and the sanitation of the holy places.”

As for the Oslo process, the peace process and normalization policies, Al Adl Wal Ihsane described them, in this context, as “methods to legitimize the occupation and condone its abuses against the Palestinian people”. In the same sense, the rigorist movement structure reiterated its calls to “renounce normalization with the Zionist entity and consider it a betrayal of the Palestinian cause.”

If the Justice and Development Party (PJD) declares that it follows “with great pride the developments taking place in the beloved land of Palestine”, the Islamist group adds that “this heroic operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance is a natural and legitimate reaction to the daily violations” practiced by “the Zionist enemy, through a racist and extremist policy of the government” of Tel Aviv.

For its part, the Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS) described the action of the Palestinian resistance as “act of self-defense as part of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, in natural reaction to the policy of terrorism, murder, colonization, racism and total denial of the rights of the Palestinian people by the Zionist entity and its extremist government, in silence and international indifference.

The opposition group also considered that “the current explosive situation is the consequence of the closed prospects for the Palestinian people to defend their existence, their dignity and their freedom”. “It is also the result of blocked prospects for establishing a just and lasting peace”added the PPS press release.

The left-wing Federation Party indicated that it was following “closely and with pride the developments of the heroic battle launched by the Palestinian resistance”, which “is a response to the ongoing Zionist crimes against the Palestinian people”. In this sense, the formation expressed its “absolute support for this historic battle of the heroic Palestinian resistance, illustrating a new decisive turning point in the course of the Palestinian conflict with a racist Zionist occupation and its supporters among the imperialist countries.”

For its part, the United Socialist Party (PSU) also described the Palestinian operation as “a heroic battle” which “caught the occupying Zionist enemy and international public opinion by surprise with its strength, its effectiveness and its deep penetration into the fortress of the Zionist entity.” This is an opportunity to “correct the course of the Moroccan government’s relations with Israel, abandon the normalization process and cancel all resulting agreements”argued the training of Nabila Mounib.

The parties of the government majority are silent. Yesterday, the National Action Group for Palestine organized a sit-in in solidarity with the Palestinian people in front of the Moroccan Parliament in Rabat. The demonstrators notably brandished banners condemning normalization.

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