Gaza: The conviction of footballer Youcef Atal arouses a feeling of “double standards” in Algeria

Gaza: The conviction of footballer Youcef Atal arouses a feeling of “double standards” in Algeria

The sentencing of Algerian footballer Youcef Atal to 8 months in prison and a €45,000 fine for “incitement to hatred” has sparked numerous reactions in Algeria. We publish the press release from the Jil Jadid (New Generation) party which perfectly reflects the feeling of “double standards” that many Algerians have felt.

Selective and dual justice

French justice has just sentenced Algerian footballer Youcef Atal to an 8-month suspended prison sentence and a €45,000 fine for “inciting hatred”, following the sharing of a publication relating to the war in Gaza, and that he had immediately deleted and for which he had apologized.

This conviction concerns us all the more because to this day, and despite his numerous interventions which seem to us to be an apology for war crimes and genocide that the Israeli government is committing against the Palestinians, the French MP -Israeli Meyer Habib seems to benefit from immunity despite his extremely serious remarks assumed and repeated at wavelength. It is therefore legitimate to ask today why the French justice system does not take up this type of statement?

Why didn’t she understand either when Enrico Macias expressed, in a TV show, his wish to physically “knock out” elected representatives of the Republic and French political leaders?

Why does it not take action when the murder of an entire people is justified, for example when the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi asserts in such an odious manner that Palestinian mothers who suffer the bombings and the loss of their children, pretend to cry them with plastic babies?

Why does she not take action either when the information reports the presence of more than 4,000 Franco-Israelis in the ranks of the Israeli army while international organizations warn of war crimes and genocide by the IDF, that the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court is investigating war crimes in Gaza and the International Court of Justice is also seized in this regard?

Obviously, we are facing a loss of humanist benchmarks aggravated by a form of institutionalization of double standards.

Jil Jadid Monde condemns any form of selective reading, condemnation or indignation which would only confirm the reality of the odious double standards.