Gaza: the failure of the Israeli policy of confinement of the Palestinian people

Gaza: the failure of the Israeli policy of confinement of the Palestinian people

The offensive carried out from the Gaza Strip by Palestinian armed groups, claimed in particular by Hamas, is of unprecedented scale. Israeli military sites have been taken over, notably in Sderot and the Karem Abu Salem post, which is the only crossing point for goods since the tightening of the blockade of Gaza. At the same time, thousands of rockets were fired, in a massive attack defeating Israeli anti-missile defenses.

It is first important to qualify this operation for what it is: a military operation of the weak against the strong, remembering that the Israeli army is one of the strongest and best equipped in the world. We deplore that civilians have been killed on both sides, and warn against the use of the term “terrorist” which has always been used against resistance movements.

We must also recall the context of this action, which occurs at a time when the attacks and abuses by the Israeli army and settlers against the inhabitants of the West Bank are daily occurrences, and have caused the death of 237 people, including 50 minors in the area. Palestinian population since the beginning of the year. In Gaza, since September 13, peaceful demonstrations near the eastern border of the Gaza Strip have left at least 6 dead and 50 injured, including two Palestinian journalists.

This period of Jewish holidays is also synonymous for the Palestinians with ever more restrictions, and repeated provocations against the Esplanade des Mosques and the Al-Aqsa mosque, in defiance of international agreements. Finally, it must be remembered that the far-right, racist and supremacist Israeli government has made colonization the first point of its government program: since the beginning of the year, we have witnessed a spectacular acceleration of colonization operations. , ethnic cleansing, and repression against the Palestinian people.

This military operation by Palestinian groups, still in progress, is a bitter failure for the Israeli doctrine of “all security”, which claims to enclose the Palestinians in insurmountable barriers, by inflicting on them unbearable living conditions. The blockade of Gaza, which has lasted for more than 17 years, is collective punishment prohibited by international law: it is a shame for Israel and for all the states that let it happen; it is one of the components of the apartheid regime imposed by the State of Israel on the Palestinian people.

There will be no peace without a political perspective, there will be no political perspective without sanctions being taken against Israel to put an end to this regime of oppression and to comply with the law. international and UN resolutions, in particular the end of the occupation, colonization, and denial of the rights of the Palestinian people.

While the Israeli Prime Minister announces the worst by resuming the most extremist speech of the “price to pay”, we ask the French and European authorities to make it firmly known to the State of Israel that they will not accept a new military operation against the Palestinian population, particularly those in the Gaza Strip.

At the time of publishing this press release, the information available to us indicates that 160 Palestinians have been killed and 1,000 injured as a result of Israeli bombardments, by air and sea, against the Gaza Strip. We must demand that the State of Israel immediately put an end to these deadly bombings. The Palestinian people also have the right to security, and it is urgent that France and international authorities are seriously concerned about their protection.

The AFPS National Office, October 7, 2023