Greece: Man films himself illegally detaining migrants in his car trailer

Greece: Man films himself illegally detaining migrants in his car trailer

A man has posted a video on social media in which he shows a group of migrants locked in the trailer of his vehicle. A long monologue follows in which he calls on other people to imitate him. The suspect was arrested with two accomplices by the police near Alexandroupolis, on the border between Greece and Turkey.

The images are unbearable. A video posted on social networks shows a man detaining several migrants in the trailer of his vehicle. When the individual opens the trailer, we can clearly see two men, who seem frightened.

According to local press, the recording was made in Alexandroupolis, in northeastern Greece, just a few kilometers from the border with Turkey. The man speaking proudly posted the video himself on his social media.

In the trailer of his car, he claims that “25 pieces”, as he calls the migrants, are piled up on top of each other. The individual challenges the exiles near the Turkish border pretending to be a policeman, and imprisons them. In the video, the owner of the vehicle, of Albanian origin according to the Greek information site Kathimerini, delivers a monologue with racist overtones: “I loaded 25 pieces in the trailer. Get organized, let’s all go out and get them back, ”he says. “The whole mountain is full, guys (…) They have sworn to burn us (…) They are going to burn us, that’s all I’m telling you”, he continues, referring to the huge fires that are ravaging currently north-eastern Greece, and which have already killed at least 18 migrants.

A total of 13 migrants, from Syria and Pakistan, are kept in the trailer that day. The owner of the car and two other accomplices were arrested on Tuesday, August 22, by the authorities, near Alexandroupolis. They must be brought to justice.

Many migrants try daily to reach Greece via Turkey in this region of Evros. According to the police, during the month of August, the authorities prevented an average of about 900 illegal entries into this area, and arrested hundreds of traffickers.

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