Hajj 2024: Pilgrims perform Rami al-Jamarat or 'stoning of the devil' in Mina

Hajj 2024: Pilgrims perform Rami al-Jamarat or ‘stoning of the devil’ in Mina

According to the ancestral and immutable ritual of Rami al-Jamarat, the immense processions of pilgrims who came to the Holy Land to perform the Hajj converged, under oppressive heat, towards the three imposing stone pillars which stand in Mina, near Mecca , in order to carry out the highly symbolic stoning of the devil.

let’s remember that this ritual, which consists of throwing pebbles at these three stone structures, symbolizes Ibrahim’s actions when faced with the test of sacrificing his own son, Isma’il, at the command of Allah.

According to the Quran, while Ibrahim was preparing to carry out this command, the devil appeared to him three times to try to dissuade him. When Ibrahim arrived in Jamarat al-Aqaba, the archangel Gabriel asked him to throw seven stones at the devil, which caused him to flee.

By the act of “stoning”, the pilgrims intend to pay homage to this passage. The pilgrims arrive in Jamarat and then head towards Jamarat al-Aqaba, a large pillar on which they throw a total of seven pebbles while repeating “Allah is the greatest” with each throw. The pilgrims in turn throw the stones at two other pillars, built on the places where the devil is said to have appeared.