Hedi case: the policeman suspected of violence remains in prison

Hedi case: the policeman suspected of violence remains in prison

He was so exhausted this morning that he was unable to get up », gravely regretted Me Jacques-Antoine Preziosi, the lawyer of the young Hedi, 22, whose heavy consequences caused by the terrible unleashing of police violence which targeted him, on the night of July 1 to 2, prevented him from to attend a crucial hearing.

A hearing which was held today, in Aix-en-Provence, and at the end of which the request for the release of the policeman suspected of having seriously injured him was rejected.

The policeman who ended up recognizing, this Thursday morning in court, being the author of the LBD shooting with serious consequences, after being locked in false denials, will therefore remain behind bars, in pre-trial detention.

So decided the chamber of instruction of Aix-en-Provence, to the greatest satisfaction of Me Preziosi, who had previously been indignant at the shameless lie of one of the main authors of the sufferings of his client, deploring his lack of courage.

Justice passes and you have to let it do its job. The police must assume this incarceration which goes in the direction of justice »welcomed the lawyer of Hedi, so painfully tested.

The president of the investigating chamber of the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal considered, for his part, that despite the partial confessions of the police officer in question, his spurious denial » initial threw « le discredit on all of his remarks“.

Moreover, in this appalling case, no less than four police officers are indicted for “willful violence resulting in an ITT (total incapacity for work) of more than 8 days, aggravated by three circumstances in that they were committed in a meeting, with the use or threat of a weapon and by a person in authority public in the exercise of its functions”.