In six months, a young Muslim girl from Kashmir calligraphs the Quran

In six months, a young Muslim girl from Kashmir calligraphs the Quran

In the distant region of Kashmir, the starry nights of a little Muslim girl were long lulled by sweet dreams… Although seeming more unrealizable than the others, one of them never stopped populating her dreams, until so that it is no longer a pure chimera, but on the contrary a very tangible reality, written down on paper.

This wonderful dream that illuminated every night of her childhood, Arbeen Tahir, who has become a young girl in bloom, has just achieved it magnificently, as a true goldsmith of Arabic calligraphy.

Always fascinated by the elegance of Koranic writing, and after having acquired a perfect mastery of this major age-old art, the young Muslim girl from Bandipora amazed more than one, in India and Pakistan, by putting the point final to his beautiful work.

A most laudable work, which was unanimously praised by Muslim Internet users from Jammu and Kashmir, for whom the writing of the Quran and Islamic texts is of crucial importance.

Like an ascetic of fine characters, Arbeen Tahir worked for six long months, with extraordinary rigor and attention to detail, to calligraphy the entire Quran, over 900 pages. Thanks to his talent, his perseverance and the support of his family, the sweet dream that sprinkled his childhood nights with stars ended up taking shape, and in the most beautiful way possible.

It was my childhood dream to write the Quran by hand and before writing it, I learned the art of calligraphy “, she confided, adding with emotion: “ My family wholeheartedly supported me in this endeavor. I would like to thank my cousin, Dr. Seerat Wani, and my teacher, Adil Rehman. Both of them constantly helped and encouraged me.»

As the late Mahmoud Ebrahim Salameh, the oldest calligrapher in the world, who put down his pen forever in 2017, at the age of 98, liked to say:

“Writing the Quran is a form of prayer and an action appreciated by God, if the intention is pure.”