In Tubas, the Israeli army commits a massacre in the Far'a refugee camp

In Tubas, the Israeli army commits a massacre in the Far’a refugee camp

During its deadly incursions, and even more so over the past two months, the Israeli army systematically targets refugee camps in the occupied West Bank. Firstly because they embody the highest places of resistance, both violent and peaceful, non-violent and symbolic. For years, and for several weeks at an almost daily rate, the army has been killing men, women, children and the elderly in the refugee camps of Jenin, Tulkarem, Nablus, Ramallah, occupied East Jerusalem. , Hebron/Al-Khalil, Jericho…

The Tubas killing on December 8 is therefore one more massacre to add to the long list of abuses committed by the Israeli army in the West Bank during the 56 years of occupation. Seven people were killed there. Their names were Maher Abdullah Ahmed Jawabreh (14 years old) Omar Bassem Mahmoud Sobh (23 years old) Imad Nihad Khaled Jawabreh (18 years old) Qasim Mohammed Mustafa Daraghmeh (33 years old), Thaer Abdullah Shaheen (36 years old) and Baraa Mousa Al-Amir (30 years). As for Rami Jamal Al-Judub (25 years old), he died the next day, succumbing to several gunshot wounds.

On Friday December 8, 2023, in the Far’a refugee camp in Tubas, in the northwest of the occupied West Bank, Israeli troops entered and left several hours later with yet another terrible human toll. Seven people killed and dozens injured by gunfire.

In addition to those killed, two Palestinians were captured by Israeli troops. They are Moaz Issa Yousef Ghazalawi and Moataz Omar Mohammed Abdel Jawad, two young people from the refugee camp.

It would first be an infantry unit which would have infiltrated the camp in order to assassinate several Palestinians before the latter were joined by the bulk of the troops stationed near the camp. When reinforcements arrived, numerous snipers had already taken up positions on the roofs of several buildings in the refugee camp.

Once again, the Israeli army prevented Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances from going to rescue the injured.

Following the first attacks by Israeli troops, the population came out to protest against this new invasion. Israeli soldiers therefore responded with live ammunition at the residents.

Among the assassinations recorded during this attack, that of Rami Al-Judub is particularly criminal. After shooting the unarmed young man who presented no threat, soldiers arrived near him in an armored vehicle and riddled him with bullets in order to finalize his execution.

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Photo: Eye on Palestine