“Intellectual Islamophobia: A Critique”.  The sound criticism of the Algerian intellectual, Rafik Hiahemzizou

“Intellectual Islamophobia: A Critique”. The sound criticism of the Algerian intellectual, Rafik Hiahemzizou

It is through the pen, the weight of the words laid down on paper, and in the light of the history of Islam and Islamic thought, of which he knows perfectly the evolution over time, that the Algerian intellectual, Rafik Hiahemzizou, brilliantly defeats intellectual Islamophobia and the circle of clerics who deliberately instrumentalize it.

A group of philosophers, historians, writers or even politicians who, behind the screen of scientific truth, advance masked to better discredit or demonize Islam, even devalue its civilizational heritage.

Among them are notably Sylvain Gouguenheim, Tom Holland, Rémi Brague and Richard Dawkins, but also a formidable troublemaker whose feverish nostalgia is sadly familiar to us: Eric Zemmour, the polemicist of the hushed salons of Parisianism transformed into a venomous leader of the party of extreme right “Reconquest! “.

In his latest book, the title of which sets the tone for his healthy criticism, historical and philosophical – “Intellectual Islamophobia: A Critique” (published by L’Harmattan editions) – Rafik Hiahemzizou, this renowned philosopher of science, author of several books dealing with the relationship between science and religion and the history of Islamic thought, valiantly launches the response, supporting arguments.

After having identified those who, in the course of their writings or their conferences, skilfully instill doubt on the historical reality of Islam and its illustrious character, the prophet Muhammad, pushing dishonesty to the point of denying it completely, the author tackles a heavy task with an intellectual rigor that is sorely lacking in the sophists whose veneer he scratches: deconstructing the well-oiled mechanics of an ideology as fallacious as it is fatal, while alerting to the ” corrosive nature of intellectual Islamophobia », the worrying magnitude it has taken in the space of a few years, and its corollary the dangers of political Islamophobia “.

A revisionist ideology that does not say its name, and whose main supporters will never be stigmatized in France…

The ideas of Sylvain Gougenheim, Tom Holland and Rémi Brague are diverse, but they all revolve around the goal of turning the history of Islam into myths and casting doubt on its historical reality. For example, Rémi Brague speaks of the myth of Andalus (Islamic Spain), while historians of the Middle Ages have long recognized the historical importance of Islamic civilization in Spain. As for Gougenheim, he attempts to question the role of medieval Muslims in translating Greek reference works, claiming that it was the Latins who did it. This assertion contrasts with what all Orientalists have asserted since the 19th century.e”, denounces Rafik Hiahemzizou, pressing where the shoe pinches.

Faced with the violent battering of a fierce Zemmour, who, when he is not shouting ” Islamization or Halalization of France », takes a malicious pleasure in making shudder in the cottages by predicting the imminence of the « great replacement of Christian civilization by Islamic civilization », Rafik Hiahemzizou counter-attacks in several chapters of his book.

He provides denials that are all the more scathing in that they are historically irrefutable.

Reproaching this bird of bad omen who, moreover, claims to have infused knowledge, of ” distill his anachronistic and apologetic concepts about an alleged war of civilizations, as well as an alleged inequality in Islam“, the author of “Intellectual Islamophobia: A Critique” strikes at him in a few well-felt lines.

On the contrary, the mixing between the conquered populations and the Arabs was such that a brilliant civilization was born, drawing on the ancient sources of Persian, Byzantine and Indian civilizations. There is something about Islam that is fundamentally egalitarian. As soon as non-Muslims convert, they acquire the same rights as Muslims and are protected against all discrimination, slavery and other types of persecution. he writes.

Zemmour, the populist fulminating with rage, panics the good people of France with his racist theory of the “great replacement”? He just has to watch out, because Rafik Hiahemzizou hits him with a crushing argument: “ there civilizational and historical debt of the West towards the islam !

And to drive the point home beautifully: Muslims contributed to the Renaissance in Europe in scientific and philosophical fields. The scientific revolution of Europe in the 16th century was only possible thanks to the first scientific revolution of Islam during the Middle Ages. The contribution of Islam was not only to provide translations made from Greek, but also and above all to produce and transmit to the world a true philosophical and scientific knowledge. “.

Not forgetting to mention the debt of freedom » that Zemmour hides shamelessly, passing over in silence ” the decisive role of soldiers from the French colonies, particularly from the Maghreb, which enabled Europeans to win their freedom “.

Zemmour’s determination to stigmatize Islam and Muslims by qualifying them as a civilizational threat should give way to admiration for what Islam has brought to the West in terms of knowledge and techniques. », further urges the author in a vibrant way.

Attacking the pernicious “intellectual Islamophobia” to better shed harsh light on its untruths, which the far right feeds on, and its capacity for harm which makes it a real threat to Western civilization, such is the challenge taken up by Rafik Hiahemzizou in his enlightening essay.

“Intellectual Islamophobia: A Critique” (L’Harmattan editions)
A book that the Oumma editorial team recommends that you absolutely read!