International law is dying in Gaza, human fraternity resists

International law is dying in Gaza, human fraternity resists

International law and humanitarian law are being flouted in a manner that is completely assumed by Israel's extremists, both in Gaza and in the West Bank.

Children's rights, human rights and the rights of the press are violated daily. The number of children killed in Gaza over the past five months exceeds the number of children killed in all of the world's other conflicts over the past five years. Among the journalists killed in 2023, three quarters were killed in two months in Gaza.

Humanitarian NGOs are banned or hampered in Gaza, some are even accused by Israeli leaders of “terrorism”. The same goes for international first aiders and doctors, journalists, and humanitarian volunteers. There are many victims in their ranks.

The UN is shamefully accused of “anti-Semitism” by Israeli far-right ministers. The resolutions of its Security Council are systematically flouted by the Israeli government. The decisions of the International Court of Justice are simply ignored by Israel.

Although the very foundations of international law are attacked from all sides and in a brutal manner by the extremists of Israel, to the point that their survival is called into question, there is no doubt that the Gaza tragedy also revealed the resistance of a human brotherhood that many believed to be dead.

Peaceful mobilizations, the work of people of all origins and religions, continue to rise across the world to alert and come to the aid of the Palestinian people, martyred like never before in their history.

Women and men, faithful to their principles, do honor to humanity by continuing to denounce the injustice suffered by the Palestinians. Sincere humanists are arrested, insulted, threatened for the defense of their human, philosophical and religious principles, but refuse to be complicit through silence.

The CFCM fully supports this sincere humanist movement for peace, the safeguarding of law, life, and human dignity, and will continue to warn of the immense and unjust suffering that the Palestinians are experiencing.

The French Council of Muslim Worship