Israel-Hamas: for the CFCM “the abuses committed on both sides against civilians must be condemned with the same force”

Israel-Hamas: for the CFCM “the abuses committed on both sides against civilians must be condemned with the same force”

Inhumane atrocities were committed against innocent Israeli civilians, including many women and children. The CFCM strongly condemns these acts which nothing can justify and associates itself with the pain of those who have lost a loved one, and with the anguish for the families whose members have been kidnapped.

The appalling images of massacres committed against unarmed civilians are an intolerable attack on human dignity and life. Israeli civilians are currently being evacuated from the most sensitive areas and sheltered. Global solidarity was naturally strongly expressed towards them.

Unfortunately, it is clear that Palestinian civilians do not benefit from this same solidarity and do not have this same security.. Worse, the Gazan populations are currently suffering incessant bombings targeting densely populated areas and causing numerous victims including women and children.

The inhumane blockade, contrary to all international conventions on human rights, which has been imposed on Gaza for years, has been hardened to the extreme, depriving its populations of water, electricity, gas, food and medicine. Here again, the CFCM condemns with the same force these unbearable attacks on dignity and human life.

The abuses committed by both sides against civilians must be condemned with the same force. The pain of a Palestinian family is identical to that of an Israeli family. And the life of a Palestinian child is as precious as that of an Israeli child.

The description of Gazans as “animals” by the Israeli Defense Minister is despicable and must be condemned by all. It particularly encourages violence and brutality against children, women, the elderly, people with disabilities; only because they are Palestinian. This same qualification, let us remember, was used with regard to other populations at dark moments in the history of humanity.

Likewise, the statement by a member of the Israeli Prime Minister’s party who advocates the use of nuclear weapons on Gaza must also be forcefully condemned.

The solution to this conflict which has lasted too long can only be political and through dialogue. The solution of two states which must live side by side in peace, a constant position of France and the international community, is the most credible way to escape this spiral of violence. This position should not be a simple incantation in which the chancelleries no longer seem to believe. The unconditional relaunch of the peace process to achieve a solution consistent with international law and UN resolutions must once again become a priority of the international community.

Every crisis has its share of unworthy profiteers. The tragedy experienced by the populations of the Middle East has not escaped this. Because unfortunately, the apostles of the “clash of civilizations” theory are currently unleashed, taking advantage of the shock of events to distill their fallacious and dangerous theory. Sometimes worshipers of Pétain, they hide behind a facade of solidarity with the Israeli victims to satisfy their ideological agenda, internationalize and import this conflict into France.

The CFCM strongly calls for an immediate and urgent end to violence, terror, and cruel and blind vengeance which will lead nowhere except to more pain and less humanity.

The CFCM calls on Muslims in France to raise prayers so that Israelis and Palestinians can find the path to peace and security, and build together a better future for future generations.

The French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM)
Paris, October 11, 2023