Karim Benzema treated as a “fellow traveler of Islamist ideology” by Jordan Bardella

Karim Benzema treated as a “fellow traveler of Islamist ideology” by Jordan Bardella

The toad’s slime does not reach the white doveespecially when it drips from the mouth of Jordan Bardella, the young, eager and very ambitious president of the National Rally…

Thousands of kilometers from Saudi Arabia, on the set of BFMTV which offered him a golden platform, Marine Le Pen’s dolphin with long (and sharp) teeth engaged in Sunday’s favorite exercise. hexagonal extreme right: outrageous demonization with strong Islamophobic overtones.

In this case, that of the undisputed French football star that the whole world envies, but that France loves to hate: Karim Benzema.

It must be said that the pole stretched by the channel under the influence of Patrick Drahi, the Franco-Israeli business magnate, was unexpected… Invited to comment on the photo published on Instagram, September 23, in which Karim Benzema wears the traditional Saudi ceremonial outfit to celebrate with dignity the national day of the kingdom where he has chosen to settle, Jordan Bardella spat his venom: it is a “ fellow traveler of Islamist ideology “, he castigated.

And to add: At least it’s consistentHe wants an Islamist way of life, he went to Saudi Arabia “. A compliment that can easily be returned to the young venomous leader of the RN, formerly the FN founded by the patriarch Jean-Marie Le Pen: at least Jordan Bardella is coherent. He wants to engage in gutter demagoguery and flatter the baser instincts to satisfy his thirst for power, he has gone to the National Rally!

The toad’s slime, which unfortunately splashes France with its nauseating analogies, has not reached Karim Benzema. From the desert kingdom where he is drowning in praise, the star player of the Saudi club Al-Ittihad holds him in contempt.