Let us act urgently for Morocco and its affected population!  The needs are enormous, the damage colossal

Let us act urgently for Morocco and its affected population! The needs are enormous, the damage colossal

Four days after the cataclysmic earthquake which devastated and heavily mourned Morocco (more than 2,900 dead and 5,530 injured to date)and more particularly the beautiful and peaceful region of Marrakech, in the middle of an apocalypse landscape where the rubble extends as far as the eye can see, the survivors of the misfortune contemplate, haggard, the scale of the disaster.

They lost everything in a single night of terror, their loved ones and their homes. They are homeless, without resources and in shock, deeply bruised in their flesh and their soul, especially in Amizmiz, the martyr city located in the foothills of the Atlasbut keep intact their admirable dignity and humanity in every way.

In their eyes filled with fear, from which tears still flow, one can read the infinite gratitude that they feel towards all the good souls who, upon the announcement of this terrible tragedy, flocked to their bedside, to like Taoufik Barboucha, president and founder of Renovo.

Upset by the immeasurable tragedy that struck Morocco, feeling a “unbearable pain” invade it at the sight of entire villages destroyed, transformed into fields of ruins, Taoufik Barboucha did not have an ounce of hesitation: he flew towards the disaster region of the kingdom of the Atlas, his hand resolutely outstretched towards all suffering beings and, with particular emotion, towards the poorest among them, who prove to be the most cruelly tried.

The heartbreaking testimony of a villager who survived Amizmiz

Words struggle to depict the appalling reality that we discovered on site, a poignant reality that is beyond our understanding.. More than 300,000 people lack everything », Confided Taoufik Barboucha, contacted by Oumma on the telephone, his voice tinged with sadness, specifying that “ it is through the French association Tirougza, established in Choisy-Le-Roi, in 94, that we have traced the path of Solidarity.»

It is in the middle of this end of the world setting, in the heart of the completely destroyed villages of the High Atlas, touched to the heart by the extraordinary lesson of courage and dignity given by his Moroccan brothers and sisters, among the most deprived and vulnerable, that Taoufik Barboucha, supported by two long-time friends, Mohamed Aitterami (Engineer) and Samia Moktahri (Radiologist), created a real TaskForce.

Hand in hand with local associations, we work tirelessly to provide essential goods and products, whether food, clothing or health. », he explains, before to call for a tremendous outpouring of generosity to be formed and deployed for the stricken population of Morocco. Because it is the duty of every Muslim to come to the aid of their brothers and sisters in distress.

What is this duty, you ask? It is the one that the Prophet Muhammad, aleyhi Salat wa Salam, inscribed in our hearts by emphasizing its importance: believers, in the love, affection and mercy they show each other, are comparable to a only body. When a limb is affected, the whole body feels pain and becomes feverish. he recalls gravely.

The emergency commands today: Let’s all act together for Morocco and its stricken population, by responding to the call for donations launched by Taoufik Barboucha, Mohammed Aitterrami and Samia Mokthtari on Cotizup.

There are no small contributions, all are valuable, and to do this, just one click on: Tirougza Zilzal Morocco