Live from Gaza: the appalling assessment drawn up by academic Ziad Medoukh in front of a school in ruins

Live from Gaza: the appalling assessment drawn up by academic Ziad Medoukh in front of a school in ruins

Sunday October 8, in front of the rubble of an UNRWA school, five months after Israel’s umpteenth devastating offensive against the martyred enclave of Gaza, Ziad MedoukhLhe director of the French department at Al Aqsa University and loyal contributor to our Oumma site, engages in a new painful exercise: it draws up the terrible provisional assessment of the merciless reprisals launched by the apartheid state, after having suffered the full brunt of the “Al-Aqsa Flood”.

On the second day of the new Israeli aggression and after more than 1,630 air raids, no one is safe in Gaza!

  • 416 Palestinians murdered, including 79 children, 42 women, 3 paramedics, 2 journalists, 2 nurses, five pupils, 10 students, 4 academics, 2 footballers, and 13 elderly people ;
  • Entire families massacred, decimated. Entire neighborhoods wiped out, wiped off the map;
  • 2,320 people injuredamong them 215 children, 146 women, 9 journalists, 7 ambulance drivers, and 9 municipal agents. Hospitals totally overwhelmed and, themselves, targeted by Israeli bombs.
  • More than 40,000 displaced so far

Destruction is massive in the Gaza Strip
and the
absolute horror

Twelve large buildings completely destroyed
Fifty houses completely destroyed
Sixty houses partially destroyed
Sixty public buildings destroyed
Two amusement parks bombed

Waste treatment plant affected
Three schools damaged
Ten factories destroyed
Three municipalities targeted
Ten power stations damaged
Two pharmacies destroyed
Five clinics and medical centers targeted

Five news agencies destroyed
Three banks destroyed
Eleven associations bombed
Two public markets targeted
Thirty cars destroyed
Fifty stores destroyed

Thirty roads damaged
Two cemeteries targeted
Four agricultural cooperatives affected
Ten agricultural lands damaged
Three stages targeted

Five mosques destroyed

Five groundwater bodies destroyed
Thirty water wells destroyed
Three agricultural water towers damaged
Ten water storage tanks targeted
Five drinking water tankers destroyed
Total closure of all passages
Closure of fishing area by Israeli military order