Malicious accusation is not free speech

Malicious accusation is not free speech

For several months, people have become obsessed with criticizing CFCM communication. Florence Bergeaud-Blacker is an example. His last attack against the CFCM was his reaction to the CFCM’s last message of December 31, 2023 on the X network (former tweeter).

Far from any approach based on knowledge, it has become accustomed to approximation and defamation. This time, she went a step further by telling serious lies about the CFCM. This is all the more scandalous as she highlights her affiliation with the CNRS, a respectable scientific institution in our country.

Indeed, in reaction to the CFCM message on New Year’s Eve 2024, she asserts on the X network that “ for the CFCM October 7 did not take place » and at the same time accused him of “negationism”.

If it is permissible to use the term negationism to other realities, it would be on the side of those who never mention the massacre of Palestinian civilians. For its part, the CFCM immediately condemned the atrocities committed against Israeli civilians on October 7, 2023.

He did so on October 9, 2023 independently and with the conference of religious leaders of France (CRCF). He also did so in an article published in the newspaper Le Monde on October 19, 2023: “…They (the Muslims of France) strongly and unreservedly condemned the actions committed against Israeli civilians, some of which amount to terrorism, war crimes, and even crimes against humanity.»

Regarding the Israeli hostages, the CFCM had requested their release on numerous occasions and very recently in its press release of December 27, 2023: “ (…) an immediate release of all innocent hostages and the establishment of a just and lasting peace in accordance with United Nations resolutions. »

For its message of December 31, 2023, the CFCM decided to have a special thought for Palestinian children, symbols of innocence, who have undoubtedly been paying the heaviest price for more than three months. This message was in no way a retrospective on all the tragedies of the year 2023 so that the CFCM could be accused of forgetting that of October 7, 2023.

We can never say it enough, all lives are equal and the death of an innocent civilian, and in particular of a child, whether Israeli or Palestinian, must outrage us in the same way.

However, it is clear that those who give lessons to the CFCM not only do not condemn the massacres committed against Palestinian civilians, but shamefully attempt to justify them. Their silence on these massacres or even worse, their justification of what amounts to war crimes or even crimes against humanity is reprehensible.

However, deeply attached to freedom of expression, the CFCM strongly condemns the threats of which F. Bergeaud Blacker is the victim. Certainly, being threatened with death is something serious and strongly condemnable, however it does not constitute a blank check to authorize slander and malicious accusations in turn.

Paris, January 2, 2024

The French Council of Muslim Worship