Moosa Nsubuga, the Muslim benefactor of the homeless, donates 170 new sports shoes per month

Moosa Nsubuga, the Muslim benefactor of the homeless, donates 170 new sports shoes per month

Two to three times a week, in the impoverished neighborhoods of south London, a little patch of blue sky comes to brighten up the very gloomy daily life of the homeless, from where the hope for a better life seems to be forever. flown away.

Crowned with his notoriety as a benefactor of the poorest, the benevolent presence of Moosa Nsubuga, who converted to Islam several years ago, shines a soft glow in a horizon without prospects.

As soon as her instantly recognizable silhouette looms in the distance, her arms laden with new, even branded sports shoes, a gleam appears in the usually gloomy gazes. At the very sight of it, a certain agitation seizes those who live overwhelmed under the weight of social and human misery.

At the head of the charitable association Resole, which endeavors to offer a future to underprivileged young people, caught up in the infernal spiral of drugs and violence, Moosa Nsubuga is also keen to change the lives of those who have nothing, in particular by giving a second life to quality sneakers.

Thanks to donations, Resole receives more than 200 pairs of shoes a month, which it repairs and shines with a good dose of elbow grease, but also the gracious assistance of shoemakers, who are entirely committed to the cause.

Renewing aid and clothing collection, the time when we distributed worn-out shoes and used outfits to those left out of the consumer society is over for him! The very idea is unbearable to him.

My faith in God naturally leads me to want to give back to the most needy and vulnerable among us. », explains Moosa Nsubugga. ” When I started collecting sneakers and clothes, I was ashamed to see the condition they were in. I could never have handed them over to suffering beings, who are already so precarious and dehumanized “, he confided with emotion.

Surrounded by a team of volunteers, the Muslim guardian angel of the homeless, destitute and, even worse, faceless people of one of the most radiant European capitals, makes sure to offer them shoes that are always clean and impeccable, with this little extra that makes all the difference: it distributes hundreds of sneakers, some of which bear the Nike, Adidas, Gucci brand…

I particularly remember one man who had been without shoes for over two weeks and was eventually given flip flops. It is shameful ! “, he is indignant. ” We gifted him a pair of Nike Air VaporMax worth £185. If you had seen his joy, he didn’t believe it, and the gratitude in his eyes! Finally, he was treated with dignity, like a human being and not like an animal. I can say that thanks to our gesture and the time we spent with him, this man has regained his self-esteem and that gives immense satisfaction”, he said, his eyes shining.

Moosa Nsubugga now harbors the hope of being able to extend his initiative to the whole of the British kingdom, after having made a harsh observation: the disinherited beings, abandoned to their sad fate, form a long procession of victims on the other side of the Channel.