Morocco and its stricken population of the High Atlas need you more than ever!

Morocco and its stricken population of the High Atlas need you more than ever!

On the sixth day of their humanitarian intervention at the bedside of the stricken population of the High Atlas, trying to make their way through the impressive rubble which litters the ground of an unrecognizable and deeply damaged mountain region, in a dismal atmosphere that words are powerless to describe, Taoufik Barboucha, the president and founder of Renovo, Mohamed Aitterami (Engineer) and Samia Moktahri (radiologist) must face the facts: It is a particularly difficult and long-term job which awaits the very dedicated team they form, as the earthquake which struck the poorest Moroccans was devastating and deadly.

While the landlocked villages of the Atlas lack everything and although they work tirelessly to provide basic necessities to their inhabitants, survivors of the horror, through the French association Tirugza and local associations, they have no other choice today than to prioritize.

Fearing more than anything the imminent arrival of rain and the drop in temperatures, they need more than ever for the great outpouring of solidarity for Morocco to be amplified, and for your “precious as gold” donations are pouring in, so that the unfortunate victims of the High Atlas, who lost everything, very quickly have a roof over their heads to face the rigors of winter.

Faced with the scale of the disaster and trauma, there is an urgent need to act for your suffering Moroccan brothers and sisters, who are among the most deprived and vulnerable in the kingdom.

Be assured of one thing: Your donation, whatever it may be, will be essential for the cruelly suffered villagers of the Atlas Mountains.

So, no more time to waste: click on Tirougza Zilzal Maroc and fulfill the vital duty whose virtues the Prophet Muhammad (Saws) praised.

Discover, below, the new images from the field sent to Oumma by Taoufik Barboucha, Mohamed Aitterami and Samia Moktahri.