Morocco: Moroccan blogger sentenced to 5 years in prison for criticizing Israeli-Moroccan relations

Morocco: Moroccan blogger sentenced to 5 years in prison for criticizing Israeli-Moroccan relations

Criticizing the normalization of relations with Israel therefore constitutes a crime of lèse-majesté in the kingdom of the Atlas… This harsh and very revealing observation, the Moroccan blogger Saïd Boukioud, 48, is currently doing in the cell where he was thrown, behind bars against which all his illusions are violently shattered.

The justice of his country, armed wing of base compromises with the Israeli apartheid state, in fact sentenced him to a heavy prison sentence for “offense to the monarchy”.

Or how, during 5 long years of incarceration, to dry up the pen of a Moroccan citizen deemed a little too subversive, a real impediment to cooing diplomatically in circles with the ultra-Zionist and racist government of Netanyahu. We are left speechless before such a pledge of allegiance given to the Zionist entity.

Said Boukioud was sentenced to five years in prison on Monday (July 31) for Facebook posts denouncing normalization with Israel in a way that could be construed as criticism of the king. “, Strongly deplored his lawyer El Hassan Essouni, who, as soon as the verdict was announced, appealed.

The decision of the Casablanca court of first instance is heavy and incomprehensible “Protested the latter, stressing that if his client had expressed his rejection of normalization, he had no intention of offending the sovereign.

The publications alleged against Saïd Boukioud date from 2020, when he lived and worked in Qatar. He had them deleted and closed his Facebook account when he learned that he was being prosecuted in Morocco “said his lawyer. He was arrested on July 24, on his return to the country with his family, under the eyes of his wife and children.

Deaf to the popular discontent that has never ceased to rise in his kingdom against the unnatural idyll with Israel, Mohammed IV will continue to sleep soundly while one of his subjects goes to sleep. in prison for having dared to criticize the uncriticable…

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