Nahel's family files a complaint against Jean Messiha for fraud in an organized gang

Nahel’s family files a complaint against Jean Messiha for fraud in an organized gang

The heinous murder of Nahel, a young descendant of the third or fourth post-colonial generation, not to say a young North African, will he allow the policeman (and others) who shot him blood- cold to win the ugliest of jackpots?

A policeman who, it should be remembered, is currently behind bars, in pre-trial detention, accused ofvoluntary homicide.

It had reached the dizzying sum of more than 1 million euros (1,636,240 euros precisely), the kitty of absolute indecency, whose instigator is none other than the infamous Jean Messiha, the identity chronicler of CNews and former mouthpiece of Zemmour’s bitter speech, was stopped short.

Indeed, the lawyer for Nahel’s mother, Me Yassine Bouzrou, announced that he had filed a complaint on Tuesday against Jean Messiha for ” organized gang fraud and concealment of organized gang fraud, as part of the kitty which supposedly benefits the policeman’s family “.

Yet another provocation by right-wing extremist Jean Messiha, whose Mediapart recently brought out one of the big villainous pots he drags behind him (he would have “accumulated nearly 5 years of salary from the Ministry of the Armed Forces for a job … unknown”), his puking kitty has just been finally closed. Certainly under pressure, but it was only time.

Me Bouzrou targets three offences: organized fraud, punishable by 10 years in prison and a fine of one million euros, embezzlement of police files, punishable by 5 years in prison and 300,000 euros in fine and receiving an offense punishable by 5 years in prison and a fine of 375,000 euros. ” These fraudulent maneuvers “, believes the latter, “ are intended to deceive people and induce them and remit funds to their detriment.

A petition had also been launched for the closing of this kitty. Driven by a collective of associations and citizens, it collected, this Tuesday evening, more than 40,000 signatures.