Nazi shooting in Romans-sur-Isère

Nazi shooting in Romans-sur-Isère

A racist attack targeting the Arab-Muslim community of Romans-sur-Isère was organized on Saturday evening, November 25, by around a hundred far-right activists. The police intervention led to arrests and seizures of Nazi flags as well as the discovery of conversations by members of this group on social networks glorifying Hitler and the Third Reich.

According to the prefect of Drôme, Thierry Devimieux, this small group wanted to fight with “baseball bats or iron bars, mortars”.

From the first moments of this attack, figures of the extreme right such as Jean Messiha or Damien Rieu clearly displayed their support for the members of this small group. Through this support, these polemicists and their media relays only increase attempts to recover from our misfortunes, undermine our national cohesion and push for civil war.

After the judges and the Justice system, the Republican police who carried out their mission of maintaining order and arrested dangerous and violent extremists found themselves shamefully vilified by these individuals who benefit from promotion from certain irresponsible media.

The CFCM has already warned and will continue to warn about the deception of the so-called demonization of the far right. His visceral anti-Semitism has not disappeared, it remains the immovable base of his rejection and hatred of the Other.

Paris, November 27, 2023

The French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM)