No Olympic Games as if nothing had happened!  Join the campaign to #BanIsrael

No Olympic Games as if nothing had happened! Join the campaign to #BanIsrael

In January, the International Court of Justice ruled that Israel was committing a plausible genocide against the 2.3 million Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip.

Here are some examples of what Israel is doing to Palestinian athletes and sports facilities in Gaza as part of its genocide: Among the more than 31,000 Palestinians in Gaza killed by Israel are an Olympic football coach, a FIFA referee , dozens of players, athletes and technical staff. Israel destroyed the offices of the Palestinian Olympic Committee, turned sports facilities into shameful centers of mass detention and torture, and bombed most of Gaza's major stadiums. Yet the International Olympic Committee (IOC) still plans to allow the genocidal Israeli regime to participate in the Olympic Games this summer in Paris. As the IOC meets today, act now to say that there is no place for genocide and sporticide in the Olympic Games! Share this message on your networks: As part of its #GazaGenocide, Israel is also committing sporticide, killing Palestinian coaches and athletes of the @Olympics and destroying stadiums. I pledge that there will be no Olympics as usual if genocidal Israel is not banned. #BanIsrael

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More than 186,000 people have signed petitions calling for Israel to be banned from international sport, including the Olympics.
Twenty-six French deputies called on the IOC to sanction the genocidal Israeli regime.
From March 15-17, groups around the world held protests outside their national Olympic committees asking them to support the call of more than 300 Palestinian teams to #BanIsrael from the Olympics.
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Sign the petitions below calling for #BanIsrael from international sports.

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We cannot stand idly by while the IOC allows Israel to use the Olympics to sportingly cleanse its genocide in Gaza and its underlying decades-old apartheid regime against the Palestinians. people from all over the world.
Stay tuned to join other actions as we pledge not to hold an Olympic Games as usual and organize to peacefully disrupt the road to the Paris 2024 Games.