Nouhaila Benzina and Heba Saadieh, the first two veiled women of the Women's World Cup

Nouhaila Benzina and Heba Saadieh, the first two veiled women of the Women’s World Cup

One is Moroccan, the other Palestinian, and the two made a historic entry into Australia, wearing their hijab, on the prestigious lawn of the Women’s World Cup.

The first is a talented player, the second a seasoned referee, Nouhaila Benzina, 25, and Heba Saadieh, 34, do not only have in common their passion for the round ball which, over the years and their share of pitfalls, has never dulled.

Each in her favorite register, dressed in a veil that they wear proudly, they have the art of dribbling against prejudices, of whatever nature, and of ironing out difficulties on a terrain whose contours, but also all the asperities…

Nouhaila Benzina
Heba Saadieh

While the Women’s World Cup is currently in full swing on the other side of the world, on the islets of multiculturalism that are Australia and New Zealand, FIFA wanted to pay tribute to its two muses of otherness and inclusion in football: Atlas Lionesses star defender Nouhaila Benzina and highly respected Palestinian referee Heba Saadieh, who grew up in exile in Syria before moving to Malaysia .

“Jam so proud to be the first Palestinian referee, male or female, in the World Cup “, enthused at the microphone of Al Jazeera Heba Saadieh, this professor of physical education happy to engrave her name in the history of the World Cup for two reasons. ” I hope I can open the door for others to have female Palestinian referees, as well as male referees, selected in the future.”she called her wishes, stressing that she works closely with the Palestinian Football Association.

Entering the legend of the king sport in beautiful strides, the first two veiled women to shine, crampons on their feet, during the biggest and most disputed competition in the world, were unanimous. It is probably only on the Old Continent, and more particularly in France, that they would have failed to win the support of all…