Occupied Palestine: new Israeli massacre in Jenin!  ENOUGH !

Occupied Palestine: new Israeli massacre in Jenin! ENOUGH !

Israel has taken another step in the ongoing aggression of recent months against the Palestinian people

And once again, it is Jenin – its refugee camp and the city itself – which pays dearly. The umpteenth raid against Jenin since the beginning of 2023. The first, on January 26, during which more than 10 people were killed in cold blood, including a 60-year-old woman inside her apartment. The last dated June 19: 8 dead, including a young girl who was shot in the head while she was filming the invasion of the camp by the occupying army from her home. A step had been taken that day with the bombardment from a helicopter of a house in the camp, a first for 20 years in the West Bank.

On July 3, the occupying army sealed off all access to Jenin and controlled everything. The city and the camp are surrounded. It’s been an all-out assault since 1 a.m. An offensive to which the occupier gave the poetic name of “Houses and gardens”: aerial attacks with Apache helicopters and drones targeting homes, the surroundings of the Theater of Liberty and the mosque. Land attack with dozens of tanks. Army bulldozers entered the camp destroying and displacing everything in their path, leaving a desolate landscape and bodies piled up in the streets.

It is the memory of the 2002 massacre, which comes back to everyone’s mind with the dead piled up on the ground. Israel had then imposed for the reconstruction of the camp that the streets be wide enough for its armored vehicles to be able to move without hindrance. Here we are.

As we publish these lines, Israeli soldiers are preparing to storm the mosque in the camp where resistance fighters are. There are 8 dead and 50 injured including 10 serious and the figures continue to grow. The municipality of Jenin said Israeli soldiers severely damaged the camp’s infrastructure, causing water and electricity to be cut off. Israeli forces prevent the municipality from repairing the main water pipes.

As usual, this army of assassins who dare to claim to be the most moral army in the world prevents ambulances from accessing the wounded and prohibiting them from traveling, also preventing women ready to give birth from going to the hospital. .

And the Palestinians are alone in the face of one of the most powerful armies in the world which wants to crush them.

Fighters from the Jenin brigades have been organizing the defense of the camp for months despite the killings and arrests. Today, they succeeded in preventing the army from entering many areas of the camp, they destroyed an armored bulldozer and several drones, but the damage is considerable in the camp, the dead and the wounded always more numerous. Nearly 300 people have been arrested since the start of 2023, 58 have been murdered and hundreds injured.

No one to protect them! No one to give them the slightest support apart from the solidarity movement which has constantly called for its protection and sanctions against criminals!

The Palestinians are alone in the deafening silence of Western states that still refuse to condemn Israel’s crimes and look elsewhere. States which have a little of this blood on their hands and which one day will have to render accounts.

Each week is worse than the previous one in occupied Palestine. Why would it stop since Israel’s impunity has been the rule for decades?

Jenin is before our eyes victims of a new war crime!

Who will finally stop these criminals? Who will finally denounce the State terrorism of Israel? Who will finally protect the Palestinian people?

France can contribute to it, the European Union too. What they decided to do in a few days against Russia, they have the power to do against Israel. They just need a little political will.

The National Office of the AFPS, Monday July 3, 2023