The CFCM calls on Muslims in France to support NGOs mobilized in humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilian populations

Palestinian childhood martyred with impunity

Philippe Lazzarini, commissioner general of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA), pointed out that “The number of children allegedly killed in just four months in Gaza is higher than the number of children killed in four years in all conflicts around the world.” The prospect of an Israeli attack in Rafah portends an even more inhumane and apocalyptic situation if nothing concrete is done.

The survivors of the incessant and indiscriminate bombings of the Israeli army are currently facing a terrible famine caused by the inhumane blockade practiced by this army against the populations and in particular the children of Gaza: “starvation is used as a weapon of war in Gaza”, said Joseph Borell, the EU's high representative for foreign affairs.

Hundreds of humanitarian trucks loaded with food aid are still deliberately blocked by the Israeli army. According to Leo Cans, head of mission at Doctors Without Borders, the Israeli army and government voluntarily block the entry of infant milk for infants in Gaza, some of whom literally die of starvation in their first months.

The images of Palestinian children skeletal and dying of hunger or of children, orphans wandering and haggard in the ruins, looking for traces of untraceable foodstuffs, are all as cruel as the appalling images of Palestinian children amputated without anesthesia.

These images will leave indelible traces in the conscience of humanity which has failed to uphold its universal and humanist principles, including the fight against murder, torture, injustice and, above all, the martyrdom of children.

How can such horrors occur and last for so long without any binding measures being taken by the free world to put an end to them? Are there people in our world who deserve to be defended and protected and others who do not have this right? Are there human lives that are worth more than others?

The French Council of Muslim Worship
Paris, March 19, 2024