President Erdogan protests against desecration of the Quran in the name of freedom of expression

President Erdogan protests against desecration of the Quran in the name of freedom of expression

Behind the screen of the sacrosanct freedom of expression, Islamophobes of all stripes, whether they burn Korans in the countries of the fjords or sow hatred in the land of Enlightenment, delude themselves into believing they are moving forward masked…

Under the cover of a seriously misguided freedom of expression, these formidable troublemakers, ultra-nationalists, have not abused anyone for a long time, and especially not the strong man of Ankara, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

From New York where, on the sidelines of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly, he spoke on Sunday in front of a hand-picked audience, At the dinner hosted by the Turkish-American National Steering Committee (TASC), the Turkish president sounded a powerful warning shot. He thundered against the intolerable desecrations of the Holy Koran in Northern Europe, and stormed against the no less scandalous impunity of their authors, who shamelessly take refuge behind “freedom of expression or opinion” to crack down.

From the podium, in front of an audience who were drinking in his words, Recep Tayyip Erdogan did not use circumlocutions to vigorously condemn this crude subterfuge. “ The harmful attacks on our holy book, the Quran, in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and most recently in New York, cannot in any way be forgiven. We will never accept the legitimization of an attack on the sacred values ​​of 2 billion Muslims around the world under the pretext of freedom of expression “, he insisted.

For us, these actions are provocations that aim to encourage people to act “, he was indignant, recalling that Turkey contributed to the adoption of resolutions condemning the desecration of all Holy Books by the United Nations Human Rights Council and the United Nations General Assembly .

We will continue our efforts in this regard “, he solemnly proclaimed, as echoed by the Turkish press agency Anadolu, before addressing directly to the members of the Turkish-American community who listened to him religiously.

While welcoming “ of Turkish-American relations which are improving with each passing day », President Erdogan urged his fellow citizens, faced with “ certain interest groups that act with the aim of poisoning Turkish-American relations “, has ” represent Turkey and the Turkish nation proudly and with dignity » to better thwart their dark designs.

And to continue, calling on them to fulfill their supreme civic duty: “ The responsibility lies with you, our citizens, and with our official institutions. In this sense, your active participation in civil society and your representation in the decision-making bodies of the United States are essential. “.