President Tebboune brings Algeria's committed and humanist voice to the UN

President Tebboune brings Algeria’s committed and humanist voice to the UN

The voice of Algeria, with the accents of a vibrant plea in favor of a new, more egalitarian, secure and prosperous world order, resounded yesterday evening, Tuesday, September 19, in New York, through the person who stands tall internationally: President Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

At the podium of the United Nations, during the 78th session of the work of its General Assembly, in front of an audience that was all ears, the President of the Algerian Republic expressed a wish which he strongly hopes will not be a pious wish. : to see a world, no longer prey to violent tumults, but where “ security, prosperity and growth reign for the populations of the world under the banner of the UN »as highlighted by Algérie Presse Service (APS).

During his significant speech, President Tebboune, while insisting on Algeria’s desire to work tirelessly so that “ THE dialogue and debate between us is a crucial demand for which our peoples have fought for a world marked by coexistence, solidarity, cooperation and equality between nations », clarified his country’s position on several burning international issues. He notably addressed, without veiled words, the textremely sensitive hemes of Western Sahara, the crisis in Niger, the situation in Mali and Libya, the Palestinian question and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Ranked unconditionally on the side of the great, just, noble and urgent causes, and of all the oppressed peoples who fight valiantly for their sovereignty, at the forefront of which are Palestinians and SahrawisAlgeria under the Tebboune era also aspires to put an end to “ the historical injustice that has affected the African continent ”, by making available “ its rich experience in mediation and promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts “.

On the sidelines of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, President Tebboune met with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan

While Algeria prepares to occupy its seat as a non-permanent member of the UN Security CouncilPresident Tebboune assured that it is “ fully aware of the responsibility with which she is invested », stressing that she will join the Security Council, carrying the hopes nourished by the African and Arab people.

He called, on this occasion, for the holding of a Extraordinary General Assembly to grant Palestine full membership of the UN GAinviting the International Court of Justice to respond to the request of the UN AG to issue its advisory opinion on thehe practices violating human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, including Al-Quds.

In this straight line, the Algerian president urged the Security Council to promulgate a resolution, under which it will sponsor the two-state solution.

Domestically, President Tebboune highlighted his country’s notable progress in sustainable development (SDG), particularly in the sectors education, health, construction, electricity and water, as well as the promotion and strengthening of human rights.

Algeria “ is deeply convinced that respect and promotion of human rights are the cornerstone of any credible political system, and works to strengthen them by all possible means », proclaimed the man who made the solemn, committed and humanist voice of his country heard within the UN enclosure.