Resistance through the pen in Gaza: Fada Abdi writes the Koran in Kufic script

Resistance through the pen in Gaza: Fada Abdi writes the Koran in Kufic script

In the martyred enclave of Gaza, where few Palestinians bend their backs under the yoke of oppression, a young woman defies with her most beautiful pen, light and sharp, the cruelty of the blockade imposed for fifteen years by Israel .

Dipped in the black ink of his Resistance to the dehumanization of his people, his pen goes back and forth on large white pages, slowly but surely, applying himself to sublimating one of the oldest forms of Arabic calligraphy: the Kufic script.

Always fascinated by the age-old art of beautiful Koranic writing, and the visual expression of faith born of its unique graphics, Fada Abdi, 28, is working with particular fervor on a large-scale work: calligraphy for the first time, in occupied Palestine, from an electronic copy, the Holy Quran in Kufic script.

According to the daily Al-Quds al-Arabi, from which the photos above and below are taken, his work as a goldsmith will be completed towards the end of 2023.

Drenched in the black ink of his Resilience in the face of the apartheid state, the alert pen of Fada Abdi runs, each day that God makes, on large sheets of white paper, fully impregnated with the verses that make acquisition Knowledge an obligation for every Muslim:

” Read ! Your Lord is the Most Noble, who taught by the pen [le calame], taught man what he did not know.” (Quran 96:4).

Verses with strong resonance which, for more than 14 centuries, have sounded like a vibrant ode to Arabic calligraphy.