Faced with the indignation of the Muslim world, Sweden condemns the new burning of the Koran on its soil

Salwan Momika, repeat Koran arsonist, found dead in Norway

His sudden death in Norway where he had recently taken refuge, after having raged for many months in Sweden, his land of asylum since 2018, with astonishing impunity, is as disturbing as his heavy past was sulphurous…

The infamous arsonist of the Noble Quran in the land of fjords, the Iraqi Salwan Momika, who continued to fuel the incandescent blaze of hatred throughout 2023, multiplying the sacrilegious burnings of the Holy Book of Islam even in front of mosques, and during Eid Al Adha, with ostensible jubilation, was found dead on Norwegian soil.

This formidable arsonist of social cohesion, close to the Swedish extreme right, whose highly flammable provocations crescendoed under the eye of the cameras, and very indulgent of Sweden, triggering a thunder of indignation in the Arab world, was yet placed under the protective wing of the authorities of the new Nordic Eden where he had found refuge.

Salwan Momika will no longer ignite people's minds, but he has not finished making people talk about him, as the circumstances, to say the least suspicious, which surround his death are extremely intriguing, and give rise to the craziest speculations on the networks social.