Solidarity with Morocco: new images from the Atlas reveal the urgency of action!

Solidarity with Morocco: new images from the Atlas reveal the urgency of action!

They are striking, impressive and overwhelmingly human, the latest photos and videos which reach us from the Atlas Mountains, thanks to our contact on site. Taoufik Barboucha, president and founder of Renovoillustrate, two weeks after the terrible earthquake which disfigured and left them in mourning, the scale of the disaster.

Two weeks after that night of horror of September 8, 2023, when the earth shook with incredible power in the High Atlas, shaking the majesty of its mountain range, annihilating entire villages and devastating numerous human lives, The images below show the extreme deprivation faced by the long procession of traumatized survivors, among the most deprived and vulnerable in Morocco.

A long procession of survivors (children and adults) who find the strength to walk among the rubble or on steep paths, on foot or on horseback, without ever complaining, with extraordinary courage and admirable dignity.

While the imminence of rain and the sudden drop in temperatures makes people fear the worst Taoufik Barboucha, Mohamed Aitterami (Engineer) and Samia Moktahri (Radiologist) – these three good souls who, through the Tirougza association, flocked to the bedside of the unfortunate victims of this tragedy – your “precious as gold” donations will be invaluable.

Be assured of one thing: Your financial contribution, whatever it may be, will be essential for the cruelly suffered villagers of the Atlas Mountains.

So, no more time to waste: click on Tirougza Zilzal Morocco and fulfill your vital duty of solidarity whose virtues the Prophet Muhammad (Saws) praised.

Discover the new photos and videos sent to Oumma by Taoufik Barboucha, Mohammed Aitterami and Samia Moktahri