Stop the war against the Palestinian people!  Lifting the blockade of Gaza!

Stop the war against the Palestinian people! Lifting the blockade of Gaza!

The armed operation led by Hamas targeted Israeli military bases. It also targeted many unarmed civilians, which we denounce without any ambiguity.

In an escalation marked by revenge, the Israeli government intends to make Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, “pay the price”.

More than two and a half million people, men, women and children from the Gaza Strip, find themselves once again under a deluge of bombs, and threatened with a punitive expedition by the Israeli army. Already, the bombings have caused more than 1,000 deaths, including many children, more than 5,000 injured and massive destruction.

After 16 years of blockade and countless attacks, Israeli leaders have decided to deprive the entire population of the Gaza Strip of electricity, gas, water and food: an incredibly collective punishment. cruelty, designated as a war crime by international law, and denounced by the Secretary General of the UN. By referring to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip as “animals”, the Israeli Minister of Defense reaches the height of racism and genocidal intentions.

The Palestinian people have a legitimate and incontestable right recognized by international law to organize their resistance, including armed resistance, as long as it complies with international humanitarian law. The France Palestine Solidarity Association reaffirms its support for the resistance of the Palestinian people in the face of the oppression they have suffered for 75 years. However, our unwavering commitment to solidarity cannot prevent us from denouncing the appalling acts committed by Hamas commandos.

Nothing can justify such actions. We deplore all civilian victims, whether Israeli or Palestinian, and we denounce all war crimes regardless of the perpetrators.

The United States, the European Union and France affirm “Israel’s right to defend itself.” At a time when bombings are increasing on the Gaza Strip, and hundreds of armored vehicles are massed around it, these declarations are akin to a license to kill. In a scandalous way, they reinforce the State of Israel in its logic of state vengeance.

On the contrary, we expect the French and European authorities to mobilize for an immediate ceasefire, and we demand an end to the bombings against the Gaza Strip, the ground offensive planned by Israel and the totally inhumane siege that Israel is doing to the population.

We refuse the witch-hunt climate which manipulates the legitimate emotion aroused by the latest events. We denounce the bans on demonstrations of solidarity with the Palestinian people. In Paris, the gathering planned for Thursday evening was banned, which we will challenge in court. We demand respect for the right to freedom of expression and assembly.

The AFPS National Office, October 11, 2023,