Students from the Ecole du Louvre protest, at the Louvre, against the human and cultural genocide in Gaza

Students from the Ecole du Louvre protest, at the Louvre, against the human and cultural genocide in Gaza

They breathe a triple dimension – cultural, heritage and memorial – into the tremendous surge of student solidarity for Gaza. Students from the renowned Ecole du Louvre made a foray this Wednesday for a good, just, noble and urgent cause, under the famous Glass Pyramid of the most visited museum in the world.

Federated under the same banner that they proudly displayed at the summit from the Daru staircase, at the feet of the majestic statue of the Victory of Samothrace, this masterpiece of Hellenistic Greek art, these committed students from a prestigious French institution denounced, at the Louvre, an absolute contemporary horror : the triple human, cultural and patrimonial genocide perpetrated by Israel, which is bleeding, ravaging and erasing the martyred enclave from the map, erasing all traces of its Palestinian memory.

They also condemned with the same vigor the silence of their own School and the complicity of the French State. By breathing new life into the wonderful student mobilization for Palestine, they are reviving hope and faith in humanity.

Their press release:

“We are students of the Ecole du Louvre and we express our support for the Palestinian population, victims of the genocide.

On the part of the Israeli state, we notice an assumed desire to erase all traces of heritage and memory of Palestinian culture, through the destruction of historic buildings that are nevertheless classified. We can only react to this, denounce it.

We deplore the lack of a position taken by the Ecole du Louvre regarding this genocide, but also condemn the support for this genocide by the French State.

Our action, as students at the Louvre school, consists of denouncing the genocide perpetrated in Gaza, by creating a symbolic visual in front of one of the strong pieces of the Louvre: the Victory of Samothrace.

Palestine will live, Palestine will win! »

The Louvre School Committee for Palestine, Paris