Sweden: mosque completely destroyed by arson

Sweden: mosque completely destroyed by arson

The observation is chilling: in a kingdom of Sweden powerless to contain it, the incandescent blaze of anti-Muslim hatred continues to be deliberately rekindled.

After having been, throughout an incendiary year 2023, the scene of odious burnings of the Koran, which raised a wave of indignation in the Muslim world, the largest country in Scandinavia is once again seeing devastating flames break out. spread to the south-east of its territory: those which reduced the Great Mosque of Eskilstuna to ashes on Monday September 25. Fortunately, without causing any casualties.

For Anas Deneche, the deeply shaken spokesperson for the place of worship, and the Swedish police, the criminal nature of the fire which was started in broad daylight, at the stroke of noon, does not make a shadow of a difference. doubt.

An investigation for “ criminal fire » was also immediately initiated. “ The investigation into the fire continues. Police will interview witnesses and check if there are surveillance cameras in the area », indicated the police on their site.

The mosque is totally destroyed, nothing can be repaired », Confided with fear Anas Deneche, who describes a terrifying year, punctuated by several acts of violence against his mosque, but worse still, targeting his family. He added, overwhelmed by emotion: There were a lot of children, women and men who rushed to the mosque, in tears, I have never seen so many people crying like that “.