The abaya, terrorism and the assassination of Samuel Paty: the devastating amalgam of Emmanuel Macron

The abaya, terrorism and the assassination of Samuel Paty: the devastating amalgam of Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron, the oligarch of the Elysée, would have wanted to deliver young Muslim girls and, through them, the Muslim presence in France to popular vindictiveness, he could not have done it better!

It is a feverish return to the right, which the President of the Republic is beginning, secular and proud of it… A return to school with the air of a ubuesque crusade led against a long traditional dress, the abaya, and the handful of those who display it in the school grounds, which flatters, alas, the lowest instincts.

A return to school with Islamophobic overtones, which the president of all French people (or almost…) knowingly conflated with terrorism and the assassination of Samuel Paty to justify the ban on the abaya has made… pestilential!

Monday September 4, the first day of a political return to office which sounds the charge against very specific targets and exudes the scent of gutter demagoguery, the distinguished host of the YouTuber HugoDécrypte was not afraid to indulge in an analogy as nauseating as it is devastating.

Questioned on the now thorny issue of the abaya which he has made, very opportunely, his hobby horse, Emmanuel Macron fired his poisoned arrows: “ We also live in our society with a minority, people who, hijacking a religion, come to challenge the Republic and secularism. ”, adding: “ It sometimes got the worst. We cannot act as if there had not been a terrorist attack and Samuel Paty “.

And to drive the point home: “ I’m just saying: this system is there. It happened because a teacher was learning about secularism in his class and then there was this excitement with social networks and people who then committed the worst “.

This conflation with terrorism and Samuel Paty is a shame “, immediately indignant Olivier Faure, the leader of the PS, while the LFI deputy, Louis Boyard, ulcerated, condemned the presidential remarks in unison: “ But what a shame! »

Macron said that “certain students were testing secularism”. He did this by drawing a parallel between the abaya and the assassination of Samuel Paty. But what a shame » he protested on X, formerly Twitter.

Relaunched by his interviewer, Emmanuel Macron pushed cynicism to the point of feigning innocence: “IDon’t draw any parallel between acts of terrorism and the outfit worn by young Muslim girls. I’m just telling you that the question of secularism in our school is a deep question “.

To those who still doubted it, the hypocrisy of power, in this case Macronist, is unfathomable, and state Islamophobia in the land of human rights is not a chimera.