The CFCM calls to pray for all victims wherever they are

The CFCM calls to pray for all victims wherever they are

On the eve of the great Friday prayer and in an extremely sensitive international and national context following the terrible tragedies affecting the Middle East, the CFCM calls on mosque leaders and imams to redouble their vigilance.

At a time when the forces of chaos and division are at work, the CFCM has full confidence in the imams who, as the living forces of the Nation and within the framework of their mission, will be able to find solutions. words of appeasement.

Any development around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and any attempt to highlight the responsibilities of each side, apart from the fact that they have no place in a solemn moment of prayer, risk being a source of incomprehension and controversy.

Imams and the faithful are called to pray for all the victims wherever they are, to raise prayers so that Israelis and Palestinians can quickly find the path to Peace and Security and build together, in the dialogue, a better future for future generations.

Let us also pray that our country remains united, united and peaceful

Paris, October 12, 2023

The French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM)