The great chain of solidarity with Gaza extends to the four corners of the globe

The great chain of solidarity with Gaza extends to the four corners of the globe

Its ranks continue to grow, to tighten and to magnificently abolish all borders, the immense chain of Solidarity with the martyred enclave of Gaza now extends over the five continents, through which it winds with contagious fervor, under the same banner and a forest of Palestinian flags.

Always more vibrant with emotions, his journey across the globe is dotted with strong gestures and other memorable strokes of brilliance, individual or collective, both in support of the Palestinians, but also against the horror of Israeli war crimes and their impunity. scandalous.


An impressive rally took place under the windows of the German embassy to demand its closure, as well as the expulsion of its ambassador. With cries of “Germany, Nazi”, the Tunisian demonstrators condemned the complicit silence of Germany, but also of the United States and France.


Footballer Yacine Brahimi grabbed the Palestinian flag that a supporter was brandishing, to hoist it on the field in turn, to the cheers of the crowd.


United under the same banner, hundreds of Moroccans took to the streets, shouting “Stop the genocide in Gaza”, “open the Rafah crossing point”, “close the Zionist liaison office in Rabat”.


A spectacular march for Palestine and Gaza marks a milestone in Islamabad


The state of Kerala was the scene of a grandiose demonstration in favor of the Palestinian people


Brazenly defying the ban on demonstrations, hundreds of Germans invaded the streets of Berlin to unconditionally support Palestine