The Heat of Summer: Prison within a Prison for Palestinian Detainees

The Heat of Summer: Prison within a Prison for Palestinian Detainees

You’re hot ? Try to imagine the hell that this heat represents for the Palestinian prisoners under the conditions in which they are held by the Israelis!

Abu Assab, a recently released prisoner, recounts the suffering that the heat, which increases year by year, represents for the Palestinian detainees: Summer is a prison within the prison “, he underlines.

Israeli prisons are built of concrete, a material that retains heat, and they have no ventilation system.

In some prisons, there are up to 8 detainees crammed into the same cell and their fan is only there for form since the electricity is cut off.

Israeli prisoners shower 5 times a day to reduce their body temperature. Palestinian political detainees are reduced to watering their mattresses and pillows.

Many suffer from respiratory ailments.

Whether they are ill, suffering from cancer or other pathologies, they are housed in the same boat, in these prisons where they have been imprisoned illegally. As a reminder, an occupying power does not have the right to transfer all or part of the occupied population to its territory (Geneva Convention).

But not a word about their situation in the latest report by RSF (Reporters Without Borders), which calls for the release of several prisoners in different countries, without ever demanding the release of Palestinian political prisoners, including the 1,200 “administrative” detainees “Palestinians imprisoned by Israel without charge or trial and without knowing the date on which they will be released, who have just launched a hunger strike to protest against this detention and against the repression which is growing in several prisons in the occupant.

Demonstration in Nazareth to demand the release of Walid Daqqa, between life and death, with terminal cancer