The month of Ramadan is ending.  A great school of spiritual, social and human life

The month of Ramadan is ending. A great school of spiritual, social and human life

The month of Ramadan, a time of exceptional spiritual life with its immense promises of divine rewards, is coming to an end…

Ramadan, one of the pillars of Islam in accordance with the will of Allah, is a period of intense spiritual journey to rise further in love, solidarity, forgiveness, humility, generosity, acquisition of knowledge, work on oneself and service for others, to obtain the approval of the Almighty and inner tranquility.

Let us remember that above all this, the ultimate goal of fasting remains the fear of God, as attested by the Koran in sura 2:

“O you who believe! Fasting has been prescribed for you, as it was for the communities before you, that you may fear Allah.”

At the end of this journey, which we have experienced together, through our various analyzes of this blessed month, we would like to wish the entire Muslim community an excellent Id Al-Fitr Al-Mubarak, full of happiness.

The celebration of the end of the fast of Ramadan is both personal and collective: personal, because it calls for maintaining self-control and the fear of God; collective, to the extent that we celebrate together, we visit each other, and we exchange gifts in the joy of devotion and good humor.

Beyond the spiritual and festive aspect, let's not forget to pay Zakat-Al-Fitr. This obligatory alms must be paid, at the latest before the festival prayer, to the eight (8) categories cited in verse 60 of sura 9 of the Koran, among others the poor, the destitute, those who are heavily in debt, etc. . This will allow them to spend the holiday in joy and peace, sparing them from reaching out their hand that day. This act of solidarity and charity ensures that no member of the community is excluded from the enjoyment of community festivities.

Let us also not forget that during this period of Ramadan, some have experienced hardships, others continue to encounter difficulties in their daily lives, and still others experience them on the very day of Eid Al-Fitr. Our prayers accompany them and we ask Allah the Most Merciful to accept our fast and to grant us his mercy.

May Allah give us the opportunity to live this beautiful spiritual, social and human experience next year.

While waiting for this meeting next year insha Allah, it is fundamental to integrate these values, virtues and principles of the month of Ramadan into our daily habits, until they become the foundation of our way of living, of thinking, of acting, of behaving… Beyond the one-month spiritual journey, it is a way of life, a way of being that God enjoins us with for our entire lives.

This divine injunction is accompanied not only by duties, but also by privileges. According to Muslim tradition, God expresses His authority, grace and compassion on this world by sending all kinds of blessings for us to enjoy.

However, many people forget that God is and remains the primary source of everything. This forgetfulness, if not ignorance, leads them to confuse the means with the primary source. Remaining aware of this would eliminate a significant amount of confusion that reigns in some minds and lead us to reconsider the way we live with a view to conforming to God's prescriptions.

This would allow us to rebuild, together, the world which has lost much of its soul, in this case its humanity. This reconstruction begins with the fight, if not the denunciation, against all the injustices that many men and women suffer every day. Sometimes it just takes a little courage to get there; as Françoise Giroud says in Private Lessons, “It’s not intelligent people who are lacking, it’s courageous people.”

From this point of view, rulers must show gentleness, compassion and justice towards their citizens, not because they are privileged but because they have responsibility in the management of affairs. collective; they are stewards of God, not owners of his goods.

All of the above are some of the lessons that the month of Ramadan teaches us. Let us keep them in mind, and remember that there will still be six days of the month of Shawwâl to have the opportunity to once again imbibe the virtues of this holy month.

According to Abû Ayyûb, the Prophet (Sallâlahu Alayhi Wasallâm) said: “Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan and then follows it with a six-day fast during the month of Shawwâl will be considered to have fasted his entire life. » (reported by Muslim).

We can delay a trip, we can cancel an appointment, but we cannot cancel or postpone death. Let us use our lives, in all its aspects, to remain faithful to the path prescribed by God. This is an opportunity for Muslim believers, because they are called to submission to Allah. Time is running out! It's never late to do well.

Happy birthday to all and Alafwou.