The nice surprise of the Guinean student who reached Al-Azhar by bike: Will Smith called him!

The nice surprise of the Guinean student who reached Al-Azhar by bike: Will Smith called him!

No, Mamadou Safaiou Barry, the young poor but resourceful Guinean student, whose bicycle journey to the prestigious University of Al-Ahzar left its mark, did not dream!

It’s Will Smith himself, the Hollywood superstar, who recently spoke with him via Skype, to show his admiration.

After having had the pleasure of granting his dearest wish – to reach the mythical city of Cairo to study Islamic theology – at the end of an epic crossing of Africa, more than 4,000 km long, Mamadou Safaiou Barry had the immense joy of being called by the famous American actor.

When I saw him on the screen, I was confused in my head, because I had seen this man before “, he confided, still completely upset, adding: “ Then I remember, it’s Will Smith! Wow…I used to watch his movies. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I was sitting in a chair in front of Will Smith!”

If his eyes still shine at the mention of this incredible exchange, those of Will Smith reflected the “deep emotion” that the extraordinary journey accomplished on a second-hand bicycle, equipped with nothing or very little, aroused in him. a young Guinean whose thirst for knowledge was the driving force.

“I want the whole world to hear about your story”exclaimed, radiantly, the hero of many blockbusters, before emphasizing by paraphrasing a quote from the author Paulo Coelho: “When you embark on a journey, the universe conspires to help you.”

Filled with joy, Mamadou Safaiou Barry, was also gifted with gifts, Will Smith being visibly happy to offer him a brand new bicycle, as well as a computer and several travel vouchers to visit his family in Guinea, or for his family to come see him in Cairo.

I don’t know how to thank you Wallahi (I swear)! I don’t know how to thank you », exclaimed the Guinean student who more than ever proclaims it loud and clear: “ If you have a dream, never give up and be strong. God will help you.”