The therapeutic effect of the awakening of the Left

The therapeutic effect of the awakening of the Left

Despite criticism of the fragility of the new Popular Front, a coalition of left-wing parties formed urgently to counter the National Rally, including environmentalists, France Insoumise and the Communist Party, despite recent internal conflicts, the lack of common strategy and the uncertainties about possible rallies of the right like LR and the Republicans, a collective consciousness is emerging in the face of the rise of the far right, illustrated by the victory of the National Rally in the European elections.

This expanded alliance could be the progressive bulwark saving French civilization from a potentially irreversible decline under a reactionary power. The issue is crucial for preserving republican, social and progressive values.

The current political awakening lies in the dismantling of Macronian supremacy, which juggled between liberalism and the recovery of left and right ideas, sowing confusion. The recent crisis of the right and the left is partly due to this ambivalent positioning of the macronie, difficult for public opinion to follow.

The electoral rise of the far right and the far left has also had a beneficial impact by highlighting the failures of the macronie. For example, Macron’s approach to Ukraine has divided even his European allies, illustrating growing international tensions.

La France Insoumise legitimately criticized this policy. Likewise, his commitment to Palestine and against the pro-Israeli alignment of movements like Renaissance shows his commitment to French progressive and humanist ideals.

The macronia’s economic management errors, exacerbating the debt and the deficit, have reinforced public discontent, visible in the farmers’ and Yellow Vests’ movements, marking a loss of confidence in the government despite its efforts.

The decline of the macronie has allowed a return to humanist and progressive ideals within the left, although the rise of the far right has revived concerns. This is the political game, where the French will judge the ideals, the promises, but also the faults of the parties during the elections.

Waking up late: Why?

After a period of political lethargy, the left is today finding new life in its opposition to the far right, necessary to defend fundamental principles against racism and xenophobia.

Historically, the left was formed around opposition to tyranny and social injustice, as during the Dreyfus Affair. But these universal values ​​were subsequently claimed by all political currents, leaving the left in an identity crisis in the face of capitalism and growing inequality.

The advent of Macron weakened the left by oscillating between liberalism and left- and right-wing promises, undermining its ideological identity. The emergence of the National Rally has brought the left out of this lethargy by becoming a bulwark against the far-right, despite the divergences in programs.

Hold on at all costs

Despite the critics and detractors, the Popular Front represents republican and social hope in a political landscape marked by the weakness of the right and the rise of the far right. Only the left can protect France against this danger.

The stakes of the next elections go beyond economic programs. They affect the survival of the Republic, national diversity and living together. It is an essential struggle to preserve French identity in a changing world.