The young veiled girl on her skateboard, the inspiring work of an English graffiti artist

The young veiled girl on her skateboard, the inspiring work of an English graffiti artist

While walking the streets of Lozells, as usual, Waseem Zaffar, the municipal councilor in charge of transport and the environment, could not take his eyes off one of the many giant paintings that have adorned, since little, a wall of this working-class district located in the west of Birmingham. A neighborhood where he was born, and of which he knows every nook and cranny.

In front of this inspiring mural which covers one of the old industrial buildings in his district, he felt a certain pride in seeing it deployed in the city center, in the middle of a mosaic of cultures, religions and traditions.

Illustrating British diversity, dynamic and stimulating, and more particularly the empowerment of Muslim women, through a young veiled girl riding a skateboard, the work created by graffiti artist Bunny Bread leaves no one indifferent in this cosmopolitan neighborhood, nestled in the heart of the West Midlands.

Using spray paint sprayed with dexterity onto a wall that has become quite a symbol, the talented English artist magnificently breaks down stubborn prejudices, wherever they come from. And better yet, with the blessing of local authorities!

Waseem Zaffar

I admire the incredible work of Bunny and her creative team », enthused the deputy mayor, Waseem Zaffar, in front of the press who came from the four corners of the county to collect his impressions, but also those of the mixed population of Lozells. “ Unifying the diverse communities of Lozells and using art as a vector for change is a real challenge that Bunny has met with flying colors! “, added the latter, inexhaustible with praise for an urban art expert, member of the “Create Not Destroy” group, who draws his inspiration from real life.

I was painting outdoors when I saw a young girl walk past me on her skateboard. I immediately said to myself: Wow, this is not something you see often!“, explained Bunny Bread. “ She kindly agreed to answer my questions. She had been skateboarding for 8 months and was happy to do it. I suggested to his parents that they paint his silhouette, without showing his face. The family immediately accepted, without the slightest objection “, he clarified.

It was when he saw, stunned, a Muslim teenager, dressed in a hijab, happily jumping on her skateboard that Bunny Bread knew that he absolutely had to immortalize this extraordinary scene. As for his young veiled muse, who has become a real local celebrity, she continues to happily ride on all the stereotypes…

Graffiti artist Bunny Bread at work