Thousands of Irish bid farewell to Sinead O'Connor at his Muslim funeral

Thousands of Irish bid farewell to Sinead O’Connor at his Muslim funeral

Along the journey that led the late Sinead O’Connor to her final resting place on Tuesday, August 8, thousands of Irish people gathered in Bray, a coastal town south of Dublin, to give a final ovation. once the most Muslim of Eire’s popstars, and say goodbye to her, as her funeral procession covered in flowers passes, with very perceptible emotion.

It was to Shaykh Dr Umar Al Qadri, the chief imam of the Islamic Center of Ireland, whom Sinead 0’Connor had the good fortune to meet in 2018, after his conversion to Islam, that the honor of leading the Muslim mortuary prayer, the Salat Janaza.

He officiated in a very collected atmosphere, during a private ceremony, in the presence of relatives of the deceased, the President of the Republic of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, celebrities from the Irish music scene, including Bono and Bob Geldof, as well as several prominent members of the Muslim community.

During his particularly poignant eulogy, Shaykh Dr Umar Al Qadri, who will forever be marked by the bright memory of the one who approached him five years ago, in search of advice, under the name of Suhada Sadaqat, underlined in a vibrant way: Until the end, she will never have moved away from God “.

Just as Sinead O’Connor brought diverse souls together through his art, you orchestrated a beautiful symphony of unity on his final journey. he said solemnly, expressing his gratitude to his bereaved Catholic family.

May this ceremony witness to the enduring power of the collective spirit of humanity, as we bid farewell to a remarkable soul who touched us all..“, he formed the wish.

Today I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to lead the Muslim funeral prayer for Ireland’s daughter, Sinéad O’Connor aka Shuhada Sadaqat. It is an honor for me, and I express my sincere gratitude to the family for acknowledging and welcoming their Muslim identity. wrote Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri.

Among the innumerable admirers of Sinead O’Connor, whose moving voice, which was brutally silenced last July, will continue to make them shiver for a long time, Sara Mohammed is inconsolable.

As an Irish Muslim I felt I had to be here on behalf of my community to pay homage to the Irish legend that she was “, she confided with tears in her eyes, adding in a quavering voice: “ I just think she was of great and rare honesty, she spoke for the minorities who had no voice. It’s wonderful and very brave “.