Three generations of Egyptian pilgrims die in Mecca, in full Hajj

Three generations of Egyptian pilgrims die in Mecca, in full Hajj

Between 30 and 50 years apart, in the Holy Land, a common destiny, as exceptional as it is poignant, united in death three generations of Egyptian pilgrims, coming from the same governorate of Beheira, near the Nile delta.

It is to Allah that we belong and it is to Him that returned just a few days ago, when performing Hajj with fervor, the highly esteemed Mohammad Salim Qassem, a retired postmaster.

After following in his own father’s footsteps throughout his life, this very pious man, thirty years after his parent and in the same circumstances, also arrived at the end of the road in Mecca, during a great pilgrimage to which they both strongly aspired.

More extraordinary and moving still, Mohammad Salim Qassem died near the prestigious Al-Haram Mosque, the first high holy place of Islam, where fifty years ago, in 1973, the grandfather whom he admired so much that he gave up the ghost on the evening of his life.

While his grieving family and the governorate of Beheira have been mourning the late Mohammad Salim Salim Qassem since Saturday, July 1, everyone finds a source of comfort in thinking that, like his father and grandfather, his sudden death in the Holy Land owes nothing to chance and takes on a highly spiritual dimension.

It is with deep emotion that Dr. Jamal Qassem, the cousin to whom he was very close, paid tribute to him to the Saudi and Egyptian media: “ My beloved cousin Mohammad Salim Qassem, former leader of the Rashid and Edku Post group, passed away in the Holy Land, as if we were on a date with God in this holy place, where his father, my uncle Saad Salim Qassim, and his grandfather died in the same place and during the same trip, in 1973 and 1993 “. An incredible destiny that was written, a beautiful end for many believers.

Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him), during the prayer performed towards the end of his life, implored God in these terms: O Allah, may the best of my life be its end, may my best deed be the one with which I seal it, and the best of days, the one in which I meet you “.