Vietnam has many potentials in the Halal industry

Vietnam has many potentials in the Halal industry

A scientific symposium on Islamic culture and prospects for the Halal industry in Vietnam was held on Monday August 14 in Hanoi. This event was co-organized by the Institute of Africa and Middle East Studies (IAMES) and the Institute of Religious Studies (IRS) of the Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences.

IAMES Director General Lê Phuoc Minh said that this event not only promotes knowledge about Islamic culture, including customs, traditions and taboos in the life of Muslim communities around the world and in Vietnam , but also to raise public awareness of the Halal industry among Vietnamese policy makers, managers, researchers, businesses and people.

This initiative will open opportunities for Vietnam to engage in the global Halal value chain, diversify its export markets, attract Muslim tourists and investments from Muslim-majority countries around the world, while strengthening cooperation ties. between Vietnam and the 57 member countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Professor Chu Thanh Tuan, director of the IRS, said the Muslim community has more than 32,000 followers in 14 Vietnamese cities and provinces. Vietnam only has about 20 export items to the Halal market, which is a low number. Up to 40% of Vietnamese localities lack Halal-certified export products.

In mid-2021, IAMES became the first state agency to set up a research task force called the Vietnam Halal Center of Excellence (Vietnam Halal COE). The efforts made by the center have been recognized by the embassies of African and Middle Eastern countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as other ministries and sectors.

IAMES also continues its research and uses its human resources to collaborate with regional and international research institutes to contribute to the development of the Halal industry in Vietnan.

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