When secularism becomes a state dogma!

When secularism becomes a state dogma!

The Minister of National Education has just taken a new step in this new school year 2023 since, in the name of secularism, he decrees so-called religious clothes, in this case the “abaya” and “the Kamis”. The first meaning in French: dress and the second: shirt.

Then, we can discuss at length the extent or length of one or the other of these two garments. Notwithstanding, a headteacher, like the minister, will now be able to prohibit a Muslim or non-Muslim boy or girl from entering class on the basis of an appreciation tinged with religiosity.

If the minister considers that a piercing is a religious sign, will the same apply?

It is unprecedented in the history of the French Republic, to see a minister and a head of state attach the religious epithet to an outfit.

This turns out to be all the more surprising since this government epithet contradicts the press release from the highest representative body of the Muslim faith in France, which affirms that these two garments have no religious character, but that they obey more a fashion effect as we regularly see among teenagers and teenagers.

The hieratic remarks of the government testify to a scholarship on the Arabic language and the Arab-Muslim culture of the Minister and the President of the Republic far superior to the knowledge that the French Council of the Muslim Worship may have.

Soon, the Minister of the Interior who is also the minister of religion could replace the Muslim authorities and guide the religious practice of the Muslim community in France by establishing, for example, the next Muslim calendar.

By saying what is religious, the Minister of National Education and the Head of State do not respect the law of 1905, which is called “law of separation of churches and the State. »

The rapporteur of this law, Aristide Briand, repeatedly recalled the neutrality of the State in religious affairs. The attitude of the current French government is more akin to the position of Jules Valles, who tried during all the debates prior to the 1905 law to establish state atheism, which Aristide Briand fought until the adoption of the law.

Furthermore, this claim to universal secularism is reduced to a Franco-French prism. Seen from London, Stockholm or Washington, these procrastinations remain completely misunderstood!

Again, I will quote Aristotle: “the ignorant affirms, the learned doubts, the wise reflects… »